The Monkey and the Crocodile Story – Fun And Moral

the monkey and the crocodile

The Monkey and the Crocodile In childhood, we get inspired by children’s stories and make friends. However, some friends are good and loyal, but few cheat us. The monkey and the crocodile story is a moral lesson and inspiring tale of an intelligent monkey and a foolish crocodile. Kids, let’s start the story and learn … Read more

The Ant and the Dove Story – Inspiring and Moral for Kids

The Ant and the Dove

The Ant and the Dove Story Kids! Have you heard the story of the ant and the dove? It’s an inspirational story that teaches a moral lesson. In our lives, we make friends, and we always help our friends. But this story is exceptional; let’s begin the story and understand what’s unique in the story. … Read more

The Lion and The Mouse Story – Fun And Moral


The Lion and the Mouse The Lion and the Mouse Story is a famous tale with a moral lesson for all ages. It has various themes such as kindness, mercy, promise and friendship. We will unfold all those themes with a few FAQs at the end. Order A Customized Poem For Your Parents, Spouse or … Read more

Fox and Crane Story for Kids – Moral Stories

Fox and crane story

The Fox and the Crane story is famous among children. It gives a moral lesson that we should never try to make fun of others. Let’s start the story with this introduction. Kids, you must like playing games with friends. But is there anything that you can do but your friends can’t? You may run … Read more

Dinosaur Story for Kids – Rhyme & Fun with Stegosaurus

Dinosaur Story for Kids

Dinosaur Story For Kids- With our Dinosaur Story for Kids, get ready to go across time! This blog will take your kids on a fascinating and entertaining journey back in time to the time of the dinosaurs. The story tells about a Stegosaurus who lost his scale. In despair, he returned home, but something would … Read more

Thirsty Crow Story for Kids – Moral

The thirsty crow story

The Thirsty Crow Story is a famous moral tale that is known to all. Let’s read the story of an intelligent crow below. It was summer, and the temperature was too high. Every animal was finding shelter in that hot weather, but a crow was flying above the farms. He was flying for a long … Read more

The Hungry Mouse – Moral Story For Kids


Once upon a time, many animals lived on a large farm. It included cows, rabbits, hens, sheep, a squirrel, and a mouse. The farmer used to feed all the animals, but he wasn’t aware of the mouse. That’s why the mouse had to search for food. It has been many days since the mouse had … Read more