All About TheHiddenSquirrel

The idea of “the hidden squirrel” arose in the year 2018. It took four long years for thehiddensquirrel.com to stand on the pillars in December 2022. Yes, it was founded with great vision and dedication after four years. The name doesn’t represent only an animal but it’s symbolic of all the hidden emotions inside the heart to jump and come out.

We aspire to create engaging stories in different genres for children. This will help them grow their mindset and will support them in becoming a better person in the future.

We create original stories for children and all our works are copyright-protected. It can’t be reproduced without our permission.

Our Mission

We aim to reach global readers to get free children’s stories, poems and learning. The goal is to unite a community where kids will explore, and learn to serve the world in a better way.


Our Vision

Thehiddensquirrel.com is a children’s focused website that believes in creating:


  • Bedtime Stories
  • Adventure Stories
  • Environment Stories
  • Fairy Tales
  • Christmas Stories

Moreover, our unique vision is to create learning with fun. We will publish rhyming poems that will teach young children,

  • Color Names
  • Continents Names
  • Days Names
  • Dinosaurs Names
  • Manners
  • Special Dates, and so on.

The list will keep updating and as it’s our vision, we will build a better community for the future with our heartwarming learning and stories.

Your Support Will Make Us Smile

The stories of different genres and rhyme poems with morals are completely free on thehiddensquirrel.com.

We will keep updating and will add more content on daily basis. If you like to support us, keep sharing our works with your friends or ask them to read wonderful content on our website. Your support will be heartwarming for us. Please feel free to contact us at connect@thehiddensquirrel.com.

Thank you for your time and support!