The Hungry Mouse – Moral Story For Kids

Once upon a time, many animals lived on a large farm. It included cows, rabbits, hens, sheep, a squirrel, and a mouse.

The farmer used to feed all the animals, but he wasn’t aware of the mouse. That’s why the mouse had to search for food. It has been many days since the mouse had eaten anything.

“I’m not getting enough food, I am hungry,” The mouse thought and planned to enter the farmer’s room.

There she saw a basket that had a hole. She smelled and sensed the corn in the basket.

“I should eat some,” She thought and jumped through the hole.

The mouse was happy and started eating the corn. “I should eat more, these corns are so tasty,” She exclaimed with joy.

But her stomach size got bigger, and now she couldn’t jump out of the basket. Her wish for too much food trapped her.

Suddenly, a squirrel was moving out of the window when she noticed the mouse’s cry.

The squirrel ran to know what happened and asked, “What happened mouse?”

“I can’t come out of the hole. My stomach size is bigger,” The mouse said.

“You have to wait until your stomach size gets normal,” The squirrel advised. Now the mouse had to avoid eating to come out of the basket.

Did you observe kids? How too much of anything can trouble us. Therefore, we shouldn’t be greedy for anything, whether it’s food or habit.

Moral- Too much of anything is good for nothing.

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