A Merchant and His Donkey Story For Kids

A merchant and his donkey lived in a town. He used to sell salt bags in the market, which required the use of a donkey.

One morning, the merchant loaded two bags of salt on the donkey’s back and started walking. On their way, there was a river, and they had to walk through it to reach the market.

When the donkey stepped into the river, he slipped and fell into the water. Both salt bags were dipped in the river and dissolved. The merchant helped the donkey to come out of the river.

However, the donkey thought, “The weight had been reduced.” The merchant had no option but returned home.

The next day, they both began to reach the market. But this time, the donkey slipped into the river intentionally. The weight on his back was reduced because salt dissolved in the river water. He started playing tricks with the merchant.

But the merchant understood his trick, and he thought to teach his donkey a lesson. A few days later, the merchant put bags on the donkey’s back. This time, there was no salt but cotton.

When they arrived at the river, the donkey jumped in, hoping that the weight would be lighter. However, when he emerged from the river, he discovered that his weight had increased tenfold. Cotton absorbed the water, causing the bags to become heavier. The donkey had learned his lesson, and he never did it again.

Moral- One trick can’t fool a person all the time. Perform duties with dedication.

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