The Fox and The Grapes Story For Kids – Moral

Kids, do you know the most clever animal in the forest? The answer is the fox. She is smart and intelligent, but there is a famous story about a fox and grapes. It will give a moral lesson that having intelligence is good, but hard work and perseverance are necessary. Let’s begin the story.

The Story

Once there was a fox who was walking in the forest. It was summer, and the temperature was high. The fox felt hungry and thirsty.

There was a grapevine nearby, and the fox noticed it. She came closer to eat grapes, but those juicy grapes were hanging on a lofty branch.

The Fox took a few steps back and jumped to get the grapes, but it missed. She took another try, but this time too, she failed.

She didn’t try again and despised those juicy grapes.

“These grapes must be sour,” She said and walked ahead criticizing the grapevine.

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What is the Moral of the fox and the grapes?

Hard work and perseverance are necessary to reach your goals. It’s easier to despise what you can’t achieve.

What is the summary of the story The Fox and the Grapes?

A fox attempts and jumps to eat grapes from a lofty branch but fails. As a result, she despises those juicy grapes, calling them ‘sour’ and walks away in disappointment.

What is the symbolism in the Fox and the Grapes?

The Fox criticizes juicy grapes as ‘sour’ because she couldn’t reach them. It is symbolic that one usually despises the thing one can’t achieve.

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