50 Best Rhyming Riddles For Kids – Kids Riddles With Answers

Riddles are undeniably the most exciting and engaging for kids. They allow children to imagine, brainstorm and find the answer and successively increase their confidence. We have collected 50 best riddles for kids and turned them into rhymes. Children love rhymes, and they will enjoy stressing upon rhyme at every second line. This article has animals, easy riddles, word riddles, funny riddles and above all, learn with fun.

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Animal Riddles For Kids

Kids love animals and they often imagine stories about various animals in the jungle. To enhance their imagination and creativity, we can use animal riddles. They will love thinking about the animal from the riddle and open up their critical thinking and problem-solving approach. You may also read, The Ugly Duckling.

Here are some easy animal riddles for kids you must discuss with your children. Let’s begin the rhyme, at every second line. Order A Customized Poem For Your Parents, Spouse or Kids.

Riddles for kids
Riddles for Kids

Riddle 1:
I jump whenever I have to walk,
I stand to sit or at the time for talk.
Answer: Kangaroo.

Riddle 2:
I sleep during the day and fly at night,
My color is black and my eyes are bright.
Answer: Bat.

Riddle 3:
I have black stripes even during the day,
I move opposite the alphabet, from Z to A.
Answer: Zebra.

Riddle 4:
I love the nuts and hide them in a tree,
My tail is fluffy, and beautiful to see.
Answer: Squirrel.

Riddle 5:
I had a story where I gave a golden egg,
I honk without a horn and walk on two legs.
Answer: Goose.

Riddle 6:
I’m the fastest in forest giving all goosebumps,
But my claws can’t climb the vertical trunks.
Answer: Cheetah.

Riddle 7:
I have fins to swim and big eyes,
My name is very expensive and it shines.
Answer: Goldfish.

Riddle 8:
I’m the biggest, living where you can’t breathe,
You call me a giant that eats without teeth.
Answer: Whale.

Riddle 9:
People keep me on a table during thanksgiving,
Mouthwatering and eating, seeing me with wings.
Answer: Turkey.

Riddle 10:
I have many needles or quills if you know,
Those are hard but I can’t sew.
Answer: Porcupine.

English Word Riddles For Kids

Word riddles are helpful in improving the vocabulary of your children. The answers are usually short but with one answer, they learn many new words. It also improves their reasoning skills and wordplay. Learn Aquatic Animals Names.

Let’s begin the word riddles in English with rhymes at a time.

Riddles for Kids

Riddle 1:
What five letters word becomes shorter,
Adding two letters in it as supporters.
Answer: Short.

Riddle 2:
I’m the word beginning with E, better?
However, I only have one letter.
Answer: Envelope.

Riddle 3:
I’m a word having six total letters as explained,
Remove one letter and still, twelve remained.
Answer: Dozens.

Riddle 4:
With me, seconds, minutes or centuries are made,
But you can’t find me in days, years or decades.
Answer: Letter N.

Riddle 5:
This riddle has easy wordplay making it great,
Tell how many letters are in the alphabet.
Answer: Total 11 letters in ‘the alphabet’.

Riddle 6:
The rocket moves in the open sky without wings,
Tell what’s the end of everything?
Answer: Letter G. (everythinG)

Riddle 7:
You will see me as a train on your way,
I’ll sound the same even after moving four letters away.
Answer: Queue.

Riddle 8:
I’m a five-letter word that doesn’t move,
One will remain even if you remove two.
Answer: Stone.

Riddle 9:
Read me from behind, I’ll weigh a lot,
But reading from the left, I’m not.
Answer: Not.

Riddle 10:
You will see me once in June, not in May,
Twice in November and not in Day.
Answer: Letter E.

Easy Riddles For Kids

To play with your children, you can engage with them in easy riddles. They are easy and do not need vast knowledge of subjects like English Or Mathematics. A basic understanding of the surroundings is enough to participate in easy riddles for kids. Also read, King Midas Story.

Let’s begin easy riddles with a rhyme at every second line.

Easy Riddles for Kids

Riddle 1:
I’m hard which you want to use,
Break me for that without refuse.
Answer: Egg.

Riddle 2:
Answer it without any delay,
Which month has 28 days?
Answer: All Months.

Riddle 3:
I’m tall when I’m young and mold,
But I get shorter when I’m old.
Answer: Candle.

Riddle 4:
I’m light and have many holes,
Still, I hold water and live in bowls.
Answer: Sponge.

Riddle 5:
I have a face and hands in style,
But I don’t hold things and never smile.
Answer: Clock.

Riddle 6:
It belongs to you but others use it more,
Sometimes to know or to refer for.
Answer: Your Name.

Riddle 7:
I’m the one that you make,
If you don’t keep me, I’ll break.
Answer: Promise.

Riddle 8:
John’s mother has three kids, Animal, Bird,
Tell me what’s the name of the third.
Answer: John.

Riddle 9:
I have no body but have a head and a tail,
I don’t feel pain even if I hit myself with a scale.
Answer: Coin.

Riddle 10:
Name two things you can’t eat for breakfast,
Those are eatable too but that’s a contrast.
Answer: Lunch and Dinner.

Riddle 11:
Whether you are an adult or small,
You use me to look through a wall.
Answer: Window.

Riddle 12:
I make sounds and have many keys,
But I can’t open locks people believe.
Answer: Piano.

Riddle 13:
Lucy’s mother has 4 kids, east, west and North,
If you are smart, tell the name of the fourth.
Answer: Lucy.

Riddle 14:
It gets wetter as it dries,
To answer, give more tries.
Answer: Towel.

Riddle 15:
I go up without coming down,
I live in counting and I’m renowned.
Answer: Age.

Riddle 16:
I roam around the world, hotter or colder,
But I’m always attached to the corner.
Answer: Stamp.

Riddle 17:
Hold me carefully, a drop can give me a crack,
Seeing you smile, I always smile back.
Answer: Mirror.

Riddle 18:
I’m one that is always here,
But a letter makes me disappear.
Answer: Gone.

Riddle 19:
I have a mouth but I can’t talk,
I can run fast but I can’t walk.
Answer: River.

Riddle 20:
I’m a tree that you carry in hand,
I’m a four-letter word, you understand?
Answer: Palm.

Hard Riddles For Kids

These riddles are usually situational and your child needs to brainstorm to solve them. You can also call them brain-teasing riddles that are tricky but helpful for children who love challenges.

Let’s start the hard riddles where you can rhyme at every second line.

Riddles For Kids

Riddle 1:
If you are running in a race, and you overtake the second place,
Which position are you running at? Tell us with all grace.
Answer: Second Place.

Riddle 2:
A bus driver and a car driver are passing through a narrow street,
How will they pass from there without any beat?
Answer: The riddle has a bus driver and car driver (humans) and not cars. So, they can easily walk through the narrow street.

Riddle 3:
It has various keys but has no locks or room,
You can enter but can’t move one assume.
Answer: Keyboard.

Riddle 4:
I’m one you will find in Mercury, Earth, Jupiter or Mars,
But you can’t find me in Venus, even if you follow the verse.
Answer: Letter R.

Riddle 5:
I’m bright and hungry to be fed,
Put something in me, I’ll turn it red.
Answer: Fire.

Funny Riddles For Kids

And if you want to make your child smile, closer or from several miles away. Use funny riddles to make them giggle, these riddles will help them engage.

Funny riddles for kids

Riddle 1:
What has dozens of eyes,
But it can’t see, even after several tries.
Answer: Potato.

Riddle 2:
It has many sharp teeth,
But still can’t bite a bit.
Answer: Comb.

Riddle 3:
Imagine you are trapped in a room with no windows or doors,
How will you get from there to the second floor?
Answer: Stop Imagining.

Riddle 4:
It is an eight-letter word that has a room,
But it doesn’t have a window or door, you assume.
Answer: Mushroom.

Riddle 5:
I’m orange but the orange is not me,
I rhyme with a parrot that fills me with glee.
Answer: Carrot.

Benefits of Riddles for Kids in Rhyme

Children love rhymes and when they get rhymes in riddles, they learn with fun. You must be curious about the benefits of kid’s riddles, we have listed some awesome benefits below you may love to know.

  • Riddles help in imagination. When a child reads a riddle, he or she will imagine the scenario in mind. In childhood, that imagination is best for creativity and learning.
  • Curiosity for Learning. Many times you find it difficult to teach mathematics, animal names or any fact to children. With riddles and rhymes, children get curious to know the answer.
  • Bonds with family. Riddles are not questions from an exam, they are related to everyday life which a family can play together. It improves familial bonds and they can spend time together.
  • Analytical thinking. When a child reads a riddle, the analytical approach improves, enhancing the critical and reasoning skills in the child’s mind.
  • Learn with Fun. Riddles bring giggle, fun, laughter and joy. The spirit of thinking of the correct answer boosts a child’s confidence in the answer.
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If you enjoyed reading these riddles for kids, you may share it with other. Thanks for reading.