The Greedy Dog Story- Morals For Kids

The Greedy Dog story is one of the most famous moral stories for kids. Perhaps, a moral is not only for a kid, but it’s for all. Stories help children to travel in a world of imagination, where they meet characters and learn various things. In the greedy dog story, the theme is greed teaching a valuable lesson to children to avoid greediness. Let’s begin the story. Guess Riddles with Rhymes.

Once upon a time, there was a dog who would go around the village looking for food. He was always hungry, but he was also greedy.

Whenever he saw any other dog with food, he would try to steal that food. It happened because he was never satisfied with what he had.

One day, he was looking for food in the locality, when he found a bone. He was excited and grabbed it in his mouth.

“I should eat it at home,” He thought and moved back home. But there was a river midway and a bridge to pass the river. As the dog walked onto the bridge, he saw another dog with a bone in its mouth.

the greedy dog story

The poor dog didn’t realize that it was his own reflection in the river. But he thought there was any other dog who had a delicious bone as he had.

“I should take this bone from him, then I will have two bones,” The dog thought and wanted to scare the dog in the water. But as he opened his mouth to bark, the bone fell into the river. Suddenly, the dog with the bone in the water disappeared as this greedy dog’s bone fell into the river spot.

After some time, he realized it was his own reflection. He learned an important lesson through his greed, which caused him to lose food.

What is the moral of the greedy dog story?

We shouldn’t be greedy and should be satisfied with whatever we have.

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