The Honest Woodcutter Story- Morals for Kids


Kids, have you ever heard a story about the honest woodcutter? He was a very honest person, and in the story, his honesty got rewarded by a fairy. Let’s read the short moral tale, and know how his honesty brought him a good life.

Story – The Honest Woodcutter

In a village, a young man was living. He was a woodcutter and an honest person. Besides honesty, he was hardworking and went to the forest to cut trees and sell them in the local market.

It was an older era; hence there were no gas or electric utensils. Therefore, people had to use wood for cooking. Once he was cutting a tree nearby a river, but his axe slipped and fell into the water. He couldn’t see the axe and started crying for his loss.

Suddenly, a fairy appeared from the river. The woodcutter was surprised to see the fairy.

“Who are you?” He whispered in amusement.

“I’m the fairy who lives in this river. I think you have lost your axe in the river,” The fairy said.

“Yes, it slipped from my hand and fell inside the river. May you please help me to get it back,” The woodcutter requested.

“Sure, just wait a minute,” The Fairy said and disappeared into the river. After a minute, the Fairy returned with a silver axe.

“Is this your axe?” The fairy asked.

The woodcutter saw the silver axe, but he was honest. He said, “No, it’s not mine.”

The Fairy disappeared again and brought a golden axe this time.

“Is this your axe?” The Fairy asked.

“No fairy, mine axe was of iron and wood. This Golden axe is not mine,” The woodcutter said honestly.

“But these axes are more expensive than your axes. Why don’t you say yes to them?” The Fairy asked.

“Because these are not mine. I’m happy with my iron axe,” He said.

The Fairy was impressed by the woodcutter’s honesty, and as a reward, she gifted both axes to him.

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Q. What is the moral of the woodcutter story?

A. We should always speak the truth as honesty is the best policy and reward.

Q. What can children learn from the honest woodcutter story?

A. Children can learn various morals from the story. It doesn’t only teach about the honesty but also teaches the values of loving our things. The woodcutter was using an old iron axe which was not as valuable as golden or silver axe, but he always valued it. Kids must learn how to value our closed ones, either friends or family and not forget them for someone better.