Thirsty Crow Story for Kids – Moral

The Thirsty Crow Story is a famous moral tale that is known to all. Let’s read the story of an intelligent crow below.

It was summer, and the temperature was too high. Every animal was finding shelter in that hot weather, but a crow was flying above the farms. He was flying for a long time and was thirsty.

“Where would I get water to end my thirst,” He thought and searched for water.

After too much effort, he noticed a pot and came to check it. The pot had water, but it was at a low level. The neck of the pot was narrow, and it was too heavy for the crow to tilt. It was difficult for him to drink even a drop of water from that pot.

“How can I drink water from it?” The crow thought. Suddenly, an idea came to his mind. He started picking pebbles with his beak and dropped them into the pot. He kept doing it, and soon the level of the water rose.

Finally, he drank the water from the pot and felt relaxed. All of his hard work gave him satisfaction and happiness. Then he took flight and continued his journey.

Moral: We should never be afraid of problems; instead, we should think wisely and patiently. Every issue has a solution. Also read, The Greedy Dog.