The Bundle of Sticks Story for Kids – Unity is Strength Moral

The Bundle of Sticks is a moral Story for Kids that teaches a valuable lesson. Here is the summary and story with a few important questions for children to learn.

The Bundle of Sticks Summary

A father strives to teach his sons about unity. He demonstrates this important lesson using a bundle of sticks. When his sons failed to break the bundle, he instructed them to unite like a bundle of sticks. It will keep them safe and unharmed.

The Story

Once there was a wealthy farmer who lived in a village. He had large farms and workers. But his three sons always engaged in fighting with each other. That was the reason that villagers would laugh at them.

The farmer wanted to teach unity to his sons, but they never listened to him.

“You should not fight with each other. You are a grown adult now. If you still keep quarreling and fighting, other people can harm you,” The farmer taught his sons.

“But he thinks that he is better than me. I’m more intelligent, father,” The eldest son said.

The farmer’s sons were intelligent and hardworking. However, there was an existing competition within them that prompted them to fight. The farmer was growing old and weaker. After a long illness, he was resting in bed, but one thing was haunting him. He was constantly thinking, “How will my sons unite? If they don’t unite, these villagers can harm them.”

In the evening, the farmer called his sons. They all arrived near his bed, and the farmer asked them to bring a bundle of sticks.

The eldest son brought the bundle of sticks. They were unaware that they were going to learn a valuable lesson.

“Take one stick, all of you and break it. Whoever breaks it first, will get a reward,” The farmer asked his sons.

Sons took one stick each and broke it easily.

“See, father. I broke this stick first,” His son started quarreling again.

“Stop,” The father got angry. This time, he gave a bundle of ten sticks to each. “Now break this,” He asked.

The eldest son tried to break the bundle of sticks, but he failed. Similarly, the other two sons failed in breaking the bundle.

“Did you notice it?” The father asked his sons.

“We couldn’t break it; we apologize, father,” The sons said.

“It was easier for you to break a single stick. But when the sticks were united in a bundle, you couldn’t harm or break it. These sticks are you. If you keep fighting, other people can easily break or harm you. But if you unite like these bundle of sticks, no one can harm you ever,” The father told.

His sons had learned how unity brings power and strength. They promised his father that they will never fight again and stay united like a bundle of sticks.

What is the moral of the bundle of sticks?

The bundle of sticks teaches that unity is strength. The farmer’s sons were engaged in fighting with each other. When the farmer asked them to break the bundle of sticks, they failed. The farmer taught them to unite like a bundle so no one could harm them.

What should children learn from the Bundle of Sticks story?

Children should learn to stay united with their family or siblings. They should learn to support each other, help each other, and always push to do better. If they keep united like a bundle of sticks, they can solve all their life challenges easily without getting affected.