The Miser And His Gold Story – Fun and Moral

Kids! Have you ever heard a famous story of the Miser and his gold? It’s a fun tale that teaches a valuable lesson to all ages. You must be curious to listen to this story, but first, let’s know the meaning of a Miser.

Meaning of the Miser

A Miser does not spend money for his happiness. The Miser may have a lot of money, but they are only happy to keep it protected. They will never invest or use it for their personal use. Let’s begin the story of the Miser and His Gold.

The Story

Once upon a time, a miser man lived in a village. He had so much gold that he could buy anything to make his life easier. But since he was a miser, he never spent the gold. Instead, he kept the gold in his garden under a tree.

Every morning, the man would go to his garden, dig on the ground and sit.

“I have so much gold, I’m so wealthy,” He exclaimed with joy. Whenever he saw his gold, he became joyful.

“I should hide it again, or these neighbours can see my gold. What if they asked for my gold? They should not know that I possess so much wealth,” The Miser thought in his mind every day.

However, his regular pattern of going into the garden and glaring at gold was noticed by a thief. The thief was smart, and he waited for the night.

When the Miser had slept, the thief came into his garden and dug.

“So much gold!” The thief thought in surprise. “If I had so much gold, I would spend it like a king, but this miser man is a fool,” The thief laughed at the Miser and escaped after taking all his gold.

The next morning, the Miser visited his garden to see the gold, but he started crying. There was no gold there.

“Where is my gold, I kept it in a pot under the tree,” The Miser started crying, and his voice was heard by all his neighbours.

His neighbours arrived and asked what happened. Upon asking, the Miser told that he had so much gold in his garden, but it had been stolen.

“Why have you never used it?” Asked one of his neighbours.

“Seeing it gave me more happiness than using it,” The Miser said.

“If you never wanted to use it, then keep a rock in the ground. Assume it as gold, and you will be happy again,” His neighbours advised and started laughing. The Miser learned that he should have used his gold or invested it.

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What is the moral of the story of the Miser and his gold?

The Miser and his gold teach a moral lesson that we should make better use of the present. If we keep thinking about the future, it will be a sacrifice of the present. The miser couldn’t invest his gold for himself because he was saving it for the future. However, without investing what we have now, we lose everything we aspire to save for the future.

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