The Cap Seller and Monkey Story – Fun & Moral for Kids

The Cap Seller and Monkey story is one of the exciting tales for kids. It is a story of a wise cap seller and some mischievous monkeys. As a moral story, the tale teaches how wisdom helps in difficult situations in life. Without any wait, let’s start the story.

The Story

Once upon a time, there was a Cap seller who was very wise and hardworking. He used to sell colourful caps in the market and nearby villages. One such day, he packed those caps in his bag and made his way through the forest.

“Cap, cap, cap, only five rupees each,” He announced through the way.

The cap seller was going to another village through the forest. But he wasn’t aware of mischievous monkeys. The sun was shining, and he got tired. Out of dizziness, the cap seller sat under a tree shade and slept.

He was sleeping when some monkeys peeped out from the branch. All the monkeys looked at the cap seller and his bag. Suddenly, one monkey came down and checked his bag.

The monkey opened his bag and saw colourful caps, green, red, white and blue.

All the monkeys were excited as they took all the caps and wore them. When the cap seller woke up, he was surprised to see his empty bag.

“Where are all my caps?” He thought in surprise. He looked around and saw monkeys wearing his caps on trees.

The cap seller shouted at them to get the caps back. But the monkeys didn’t understand, and they got furious too. Then the cap seller threw stones at them, but monkeys too threw fruits at him.

The cap seller understood that monkeys were imitating him. He used his wisdom, and this time, he threw his cap from his head. All the monkeys imitated him, and they all threw their caps on the ground.

The cap seller collected all the caps and put them back into his bag. He smiled and continued his journey.

What is the moral of the story monkey and the cap seller?

Monkey and the cap seller story has a moral lesson for all ages. It teaches that in difficult situations, anger and frustration can’t work, but wisdom solves all the problems. The cap seller used his wisdom, realizing that monkeys were imitating him.

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What was the idea of the cap seller?

The cap seller was angry at the monkeys, and he threw stones at them. However, monkeys started throwing fruits at him. The cap seller understood that monkeys were imitating him, and with his wisdom, he threw his cap. All monkeys started throwing caps, and he successfully collected all the caps in his bag.

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What can children learn from the Monkey and the Cap seller story?

The Monkeys and the Cap seller story is helpful for all ages as it teaches us to use wisdom in difficult situations. Children can also apply this moral in their lives. Instead of getting angry or frustrated, they should think wisely like the cap seller.

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