Dinosaur Story for Kids – Rhyme & Fun with Stegosaurus

Dinosaur Story For Kids- With our Dinosaur Story for Kids, get ready to go across time! This blog will take your kids on a fascinating and entertaining journey back in time to the time of the dinosaurs. The story tells about a Stegosaurus who lost his scale. In despair, he returned home, but something would bring him happiness. Read the rhyming story about Stego and a Squirrel. Rhyme at every second line.

Dinosaur Story for Kids
Dinosaur Story for Kids

Once a Stego was roaming around,
Walking on four legs, he found,
Little herbs had grown that he ate,
And said, “These are so tasty and great.”

The day was clear and bright,
He walked a bit more before night,
But made a way to hill despite,
The new adventure filled him with delight.

Stego reached the hill and its edge,
But remembered, “I broke the pledge,”
His mommy told, “No to go on the hill,”
He recalled it while standing still.

A tree was at the side when Stego turned,
The tail collapsed with the tree and adjourned.
One scale was detached and rolled down,
Stego saw it falling and he frowned.

“It was a bad thought to move here,”
Stego said, & returned home in despair.
The falling scale strikes stones and rocks,
Hit the ground and made everyone shocked.

Dinosaur Story for Kids
Squirrel and Rabbit

A squirrel peeped hearing the noise,
The shining scale was there to rejoice,
“Where did it come from,” The squirrel asked.
“It fell from the hill,” Rabbit said and passed.

“Maybe it belongs to one, as it is unique,
I should return it soon,” The squirrel speaks.
In the morning, the squirrel hung scale on its back,
Climbed the hill putting hands in cracks.

On the way, he rested on the edges and ate,
“I should hurry to return this plate.”
Soon, the squirrel reached the top,
But no one was there to cop.

Little squirrel noticed the footprints,
“Maybe these are some hints,”
He followed the prints on land,
“The task has expanded,” He understands.

It was noon when the squirrel reached a cave,
Travelling a lot, he proved that he is brave.
Stego was sitting there with a sad face,
The squirrel solved the case of trace.

“Is it yours?” The squirrel asked showing the scale,
Stego smiled seeing it and heard his tale.
“Thank you for moving so long.
You brought my scale, and my joy along.”

Squirrel smiled seeing him happily,
They became friends and felt glee.
Stego gave him a ride on his back,
They travelled and enjoyed being on track.

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