Dinosaur Names And Pictures for Kids

Children love dinosaurs and they often imagine the life with them if dinosaurs exist. Here is a list of Dinosaurs names with their cute pictures for kids. The creative short rhyming description of dinosaurs will help children to learn, know and enjoy knowing dinosaurs names. These cute dinosaur names will stay in your child’s mind with perfect description about them.

Dinosaurs are fascinating creatures that have captured the imagination of kids for generations. From the massive T-Rex to the long-necked Apatosaurus, there are many different types of dinosaurs with unique and interesting names. If you’re a parent or teacher looking for ways to teach kids about dinosaurs, learning their names is a great place to start.

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1) Albertosaurus


The little cousin of the big Tyrannosaurus,

Having short arms with a crest above the eyes,

Colorful & a fast runner for us,

Albertosaurus uses claws and gives us surprise.

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2) Allosaurus


This Dino as a carnivore loved meat,

Walking on two long and powerful legs,

It would chase animals to eat,

Seeing this power, animals often beg.

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3) Ankylosaurus


They had the armored shield on the back,

A bony club on the tail often made others aback.

These bony plates made them unique and fine,

Eating plants, they got a strong spine.

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4) Apatosaurus


Though the biggest body, it would eat plants,

The longer neck and tail for balancing grant,

It walked on four legs supporting its weight,

Enjoying their own, they made themselves great.

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5) Archaeopteryx


With special features that are more than fine,

It could be imagined when a Dino and a bird combine.

They would eat small animals as worms,

Probably, they were the first birds, their fossils confirm.

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6) Baryonyx


A long body on two legs, and a long jaw,

Baryonyx often grabs fish with their claws.

The thin skull and large claws on the thumb,

To eat fish, they often visit water yummm.

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7) Brachiosaurus


Huge dino with front legs bigger than hind,

Having a long neck and tail, they looked kind.

They would eat plants only to live,

But they had a small brain, scientists believe.

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8) Carnotaurus


It walked on two legs, had two horns on its head,

They had shorter arms, they ate meat instead.

They were the fastest to hunt the prey,

As built for speed and not strength, they say.

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9) Diplodocus


And it was a giant with a very long neck,

The tail protects from predators as a check.

Walking on the four legs, Diplodocus moved,

Ate ferns without chewing is still unproven.

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10) Stegosaurus


A large plant-eating Dino, with the largest bony plates,

The head was small but good, the studies state.

Walking on four legs with a hind bit longer,

The back with plates shielded as being stronger.

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11) Triceratops

This Dino is special a bit different from others,

Having three horns on the skull, acted as eye cover.

They ate herbs removing thorns with their tongue,

Could battle with anyone as they were strong among.

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12) Tyrannosaurus


And the most famous among all,

Tyrannosaurus had speed, and strength as a whole.

They ate meat with their sharp teeth in their large jaw,

Though their hands were small, enough was their claws.

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Dinosaur Names for Kids

Here are some more popular dinosaur names for kids:

Tyrannosaurus Rex – Also known as the T-Rex, this dinosaur is one of the most famous and well-known dinos of all time. With its powerful jaws and massive teeth, the T-Rex is sure to impress any young dinosaur enthusiast.

Triceratops – With its three horns and large frill, the Triceratops is a dinosaur that kids love. It’s easy to imagine this dino as a fierce and fearsome creature, and kids will love learning all about it.

Stegosaurus – This dinosaur is known for its impressive plates of armor on its back. These plates were used to protect the Stegosaurus from predators, and kids will love learning about the different ways that dinosaurs protected themselves.

Velociraptor – The Velociraptor is a small but fast dinosaur that was known for its sharp claws and deadly hunting skills. Kids will love learning about this dino’s hunting habits and what made it such a successful predator.

Diplodocus – The Diplodocus is a long-necked dinosaur that was one of the largest creatures to ever roam the earth. With its massive size and gentle nature, kids will love learning all about this fascinating dino.

Ankylosaurus – The Ankylosaurus was a heavily-armored dinosaur that was protected from predators by its thick bony plates. Kids will love learning about how this dino used its armor to protect itself and survive in the wild.

Pterodactyl – The Pterodactyl is a flying dinosaur that was known for its large wingspan and ability to soar through the air. Kids will love learning about the different types of flying dinosaurs and how they were able to take to the skies.

In conclusion, dinosaurs are a fun and exciting topic for kids to learn about. By introducing them to the names of popular dinosaurs, you can help them build a foundation of knowledge about these fascinating creatures. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or simply a dinosaur enthusiast, learning about dinosaur names is a great way to get kids interested in the world of paleontology. Keep learning!