Fox and Crane Story for Kids – Moral Stories

The Fox and the Crane story is famous among children. It gives a moral lesson that we should never try to make fun of others. Let’s start the story with this introduction.

Kids, you must like playing games with friends. But is there anything that you can do but your friends can’t? You may run faster than them, solve quizzes or ride a bike in the sand. We all have limitations or some friends who can’t do this, but we should never make fun of them. Come on a ride to understand this moral lesson. You may also read, Miser and His Gold.

The Story

In a forest, many animals were living happily. At the center of the forest, there was a pond where all animals came to drink water. Among those animals, there was a cunning fox, and everyone called her Foxy.

Whenever Foxy came to the pond, she would see some cranes. One day, a crane approached and offered Foxy some fish. Foxy liked it very much, and both became good friends.

Every day they would spend time near the pond. They would play games, watch the stars in the sky and much more. One day, Foxy invited the Crane to her home for dinner.

“Crane, would you come to my home for dinner?” Foxy asked. “We are good friends now.”

“Yes, I would love to come,” The Crane agreed.

“Then, come this evening, I’ll prepare a meal for us,” Foxy said and left for the preparation.

In the evening, the Crane knocked at Foxy’s door and brought flowers. Foxy opened the door and welcomed the Crane. Everything was going well, and there was an aroma of cooked meals.

“Let’s sit at the table,” Foxy asked Crane to sit for dinner.

The Crane was hungry and excited about dinner. But Foxy played a game. She served the soup on plates. Crane had a long beak, and he couldn’t eat. While Foxy licked up the soup and got full.

The Crane was sad and angry because he couldn’t eat. Further, Foxy knew about his beak, and still, he served soup on plates. But he didn’t say anything and returned home empty stomach.

The next day, Crane decided to teach a lesson to Foxy. He invited her to his home, and he too prepared the soup.

Foxy came to his home at night and was eager for the meal. But this time, the tables had turned. Crane served the soup in tall narrow vases. They both started the dinner.

Foxy couldn’t put his mouth in that narrow vase, and the Crane devoured the soup. Foxy learnt her lesson and realized that she shouldn’t make fun of Crane’s limitations.

“I’m sorry, Crane,” Foxy apologized and returned home.

What is the moral of the fox and the crane story?

The fox and the crane story tells a moral message that we shouldn’t make fun of others’ limitations. Further, we should treat others with respect if we want respect from them. Otherwise, backfire may happen anytime.

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What can children learn from the fox and the crane story?

With Fox and the Crane story, children should learn to respect others. They should accept others with their limitations and shouldn’t make fun of them.

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