Lion and Lioness Story- An Interesting & Fun Story

Lion and Lioness Story for Kids

Do you know what your favorite dishes taste like? Many of us enjoy Indian food because it has a wide range of flavors. Can you tell the difference between the two spices? If so, you should read the story about a lion and his lioness wife. It will be interesting to read and know what makes the lion so unique. Also read, Fox and Crane Story.

The Story

A lion and his lioness wife lived in the Somgir jungle. They had been married for many years and were happy.

The lion was always cheerful and never complained about anything. Despite her anger issues, Lioness was comfortable in her relationship.

One morning, the lioness served food to the lion and asked, “How’s the food?”

“It’s good and tasty, thank you for the meal,” The lion said.

“Is the salt in the right quantity, not more, not less?” The lioness asked.

“You put everything in the right manner, it’s fantastic, dear!” The lion answered.

The lioness blushed and served him more.

“I have to visit my friend at noon. When will you return home?” The lioness said.

“Aw dear, you are visiting friends. I also have to meet one of my friends today, so I’ll be late,” The lion said.

Both went to meet their friends after breakfast. The lioness met her friend Foxy, and they talked about their daily lives. Foxy said that her husband always complains about the food, salt and taste.

“Is your husband the same?” Foxy asked.

“No, my husband is amazing. He never complains about food taste and eats everything with pleasure,” The lioness said.

“He is a good husband. You are lucky,” Foxy said. It made the lioness blush and proud of her husband. They both traveled and talked more. However, the lion had a secret, and he never disclosed it to his wife.

In the afternoon, the lion was sitting with the tiger, and they both were eating.

“I don’t like this dish, it is too salty,” Tiger said.

“Really, I didn’t know,” The lion was amazed but continued eating.

“How can you eat this?” Tiger asked out of curiosity.

“My taste buds can’t differentiate the taste of spices. As I can’t sense taste, nothing troubles me,” The lion answered.

“So, that’s how you have a happy married life,” Tiger started laughing.

“Yes, my wife doesn’t know about this secret. Whatever she serves, I eat it without even knowing if it’s too salty or less,” Lion too laughed. And that was the reason for his happy married life.

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