The Lion and The Mouse Story – Fun And Moral

The Lion and the Mouse

The Lion and the Mouse Story is a famous tale with a moral lesson for all ages. It has various themes such as kindness, mercy, promise and friendship. We will unfold all those themes with a few FAQs at the end.

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The Story

In a forest, the lion King was sleeping and snoring. A mouse came and enjoying his snoring, he started moving on the lion. A few times he jumped on him, and sometimes ran from tail to head.

It broke the lion’s sleep, and he woke up. The lion noticed the mouse resting on his head. He tilted his head, and the Mouse fell in front of his eyes. Without any delay, the lion caught the mouse with his paw.

“You little mouse, you disturbed my sleep. I’ll eat you now,” The lion said angrily.

“O’ King, I’m sorry. I was only playing and didn’t break your sleep intentionally,” The mouse started crying. “Please forgive me and don’t eat me. I promise that I’ll help you whenever you need it,” The mouse promised.

“You are so little, why would I need your help? I’m the king of the forest,” The lion started laughing. But he was happy to see the mouse offering help.

The lion was kind, and he spared the mouse and slept again.

A few weeks later, the lion was walking in the forest. But suddenly, he made a mistake and touched a trap on the land. A large net fell on him, and he couldn’t move. Hunters set the net to trap the lion.

The lion started roaring and made efforts to release himself but failed. Suddenly, the mouse heard his cries and approached.

“O’ King! Just wait a minute, I’ll set you free,” The mouse said. He started gnawing the net and ropes.

The lion observed how that little Mouse kept his promise and helped him. In a few minutes, the lion was free and came out of the net.

“Thank you, little mouse,” The lion said, and that day, they became good friends and lived happily afterwards.

What is the moral of the Lion and the Mouse?

The lion and the mouse teaches a moral lesson about kindness and promises. The lion spared the mouse’s life and did not kill him. This act of kindness was rewarded when he became entangled in the net. The mouse kept his promise and assisted the lion by gnawing the net and ropes. The story teaches us to be kind to everyone and never underestimate their abilities.

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What can children learn from the lion and the mouse story?

The lion and the mouse story is a short tale with various moral lessons. Children should read this story and learn kindness, promises, and friendship morals. As the lion spared the mouse’s life, he showed his kindness. Later, the mouse helped the lion and showed how kindness is rewarded.

If you want to teach a few morals to your kids with this story, focus on these.

  • Teach them to never underestimate the abilities of others. When the mouse promised to help the lion at the beginning of the story, the lion laughed. If someone offers your children assistance, no matter how small, they should appreciate it.
  • They should also be friendly to everyone and make new friends. A friend in need is a true friend.
  • Finally, they must keep their promises. The mouse promised to repay the lion’s kindness. He carried it out and assisted in releasing the lion from the net.

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