King Midas and the Golden Touch Story

King Midas and the Golden Touch Story. It is a famous classic bedtime story with a moral for kids. The golden touch signifies greed in human beings and teaches a valuable lesson to everyone. Our Greed has the power to steal our happiness. Let’s read this classic story here.

Once there was a king named Midas. He had a great kingdom and was the richest in Greece. Every day he used to check his treasure and would think, “I’m the richest person here.”

Midas had a daughter whom he loved the most. Every day he used to play with her and show affection. One morning, the king reached his palace treasure room, and he wasn’t satisfied with his wealth.

“I wish I had more,” He thought. His greed was rising without any limit. He had done some good deeds, and in the morning, he was praying when a Greek God appeared.

“You have done some good deeds, Midas. I’m here to grant you a wish,” God said. Midas was excited to make a wish. He was greedy for more gold. He said, “Grant me the wish that whatever I touch becomes gold.”

God granted his wish and disappeared into the air. Midas was very happy, and he started testing his boon. He touched tables, chairs, the throne, trees, statues, etc., and everything became gold.

“I’m the richest man in the world now,” he said, laughing. Then he became hungry and ordered food. But when he touched food to eat, it turned into gold. He couldn’t touch anything. He was depressed because he didn’t know HOW would he survive if he didn’t eat. Suddenly, his daughter approached him, but as he took her into his arms, she transformed into a gold statue.

“My god, my little daughter,” Midas sobbed as he gazed at his golden daughter.

“God, please help me. I don’t want this wish, “Midas cried, and holy God reappeared.

“If you want everything to return to normal, mix this magical water into the pond. You’ll be back to normal after taking a bath in that pond. If you sprinkle water on whatever has turned gold, it will return to normal,” The holy God said, then vanished.

Midas did as he was told to do. He bathed and sprinkled magical water on his daughter. She had returned to normalcy. Midas had learned through experience that greed does not bring happiness, but rather takes all of it away.

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