The Ant and the Grasshopper

The Ant and the Grasshopper is a classic bedtime story for children. Besides an imaginative plot, the story has a moral for children as well as adults. Everyone should read this story to get the valuable lesson it teaches.

It was summer, and the sun was shining, flowers were blooming, and birds were chirping. A grasshopper sat in a grass garden on the bank of a river.

The Grasshopper was singing and dancing in celebration of summer. Suddenly, he noticed an ant carrying wheat grains on her back.

“Why are you working so hard? You should relax the way I do,” Grasshopper stated.

“No, I need to use this time to collect food,” the ant replied politely.

“However, food is already plentiful on the farms. Why are you gathering and storing it?” The Grasshopper mocked.

“I’m storing it for the winter. You should also collect some grains,” The ant advised.

The Grasshopper didn’t listen to her and started making fun of her. However, the ant didn’t waste her time and kept collecting wheat grains from farms. She would put some grains on a leaf, and then carried to her home without getting tired. It went on for hours, every day, and the Grasshopper would only sit singing and dancing.

Whenever the Grasshopper saw the ant working hard, he would make fun of her. He kept busy celebrating summer and merry at that time.

However, the season began to change. Autumn had arrived, and there were no food crops left on the farms. Winter arrived, bringing with it bitter-cold winds and snow. It was difficult to stay outside because there was so much snow.

The Grasshopper had no place to live and no food. He was shivering in the cold because he hadn’t eaten. He remembered the ant. He arrived at her home without delay and knocked on her door.

“Can you provide me shelter and food, please,” The Grasshopper requested.

“I collected food in summer when you were wasting time singing and dancing. Why should I give it to you?” The ant asked. Her home was warmer, and she had enough storage of grains in her home.

“I’m sorry. I realised now that I should not have wasted time,” The Grasshopper apologised.

“Make a promise that you will always plan for the future,” The ant said.

The Grasshopper made the promise, and the ant helped him by giving him food. That day, the Grasshopper learnt that we should always plan and work hard for the future.

Moral – We should always plan for the future and do hard work.


What kind of story is the ant and the grasshopper?

The ant and the grasshopper is a children’s story that has a beautiful moral message. It teaches everyone that one should plan for the future without wasting time. It emphasises hard work and planning for the future.

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What is the message of the grasshopper?
The grasshopper represents people who waste time without proper planning for the future. He spends time dancing and singing while the ant collects food for the winter.

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What is the conclusion of the ant and the grasshopper?
At the end of the story, the Grasshopper realises that he wasted his precious time dancing and singing. But it was a late realisation as winter had arrived, and he had no food to survive.

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What advice did the ants give to the grasshopper?
The ant advised the grasshopper to collect food grains and store them for winter. In winter, there is harsh cold that one can’t go out searching for food. If one saves and stores food in summer, winter becomes easy.

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