The Golden Egg Story

The Golden Egg Story: It is a wonderful moral story for all the kids. Besides giving a moral, the story is engaging for all and teaches a lifelong lesson.

Once upon a time, there was a farmer who lived with his wife. They had a small farm in the village where they did farming. But, they were still poor because those vegetables never gave them profit.

“It would be better if we had a goose. So that we could get eggs to eat daily,” The wife said to her husband.

“I’ll try to buy one goose if you say. Today, I’ll sell all the vegetables in the market,” The farmer said. That day, he went to the market and bought a goose after selling all the veggies. Both of them were happy. The farmer was eagerly waiting for the goose to lay the eggs. In the morning, he reached the barn and was surprised. He called his wife in shock.

“What happened! Why are you shouting?” The wife asked.

“See this,” The farmer insisted. “It’s a golden egg.”

The goose laid a golden egg. The farmer sold the egg in the market, and received a profit. The next day too, the goose laid a golden. The couple was getting richer day-by-day, but their greed was rising too.

One night, the wife asked, “If our goose lays one golden egg every day, just imagine how many eggs she must be storing inside her stomach.”

“There must be a lot,” The farmer said in greed.

“We should get all the eggs at one time. We will get richer,” The wife said, and the farmer agreed. The next morning, the farmer took a knife and cut the stomach of the goose. But he was shocked as not a single golden egg was there. The goose died, and now the couple wouldn’t get any golden eggs ever.

Moral- Greed is the reason for our downfall. So, always think before an action.

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