Rabbit And Tortoise Story in English

Kids! Do you know the exciting story of a rabbit and a tortoise? Once, they had a race competition. Let’s see who wins the race.

In a forest, many animals were living happily. One of them was a rabbit. He was the fastest but always bragged about speed.

One day, he saw a tortoise and said, “You are so slow that you take hours to move from one place to another,” The rabbit laughed and made fun of the tortoise.

“Why do you always brag about your speed? It’s not good,” The tortoise said.

“Because I’m very fast,” The rabbit laughed again.

“Let’s do a race together,” The tortoise said.

“Ha ha ha, YOU! You will race against me!” The rabbit made fun of the tortoise. “Okay, I accept your challenge.”

The next day, all the animals as bears, foxes, lion, and tigers, gathered to see the race. They were cheering for both of them.

The race started, and the rabbit was faster. However, the tortoise was slow but kept moving. Rabbit reached ahead, and could see the finish line.

“I should rest here because that tortoise would take hours to reach,” He thought. He reached a tree and ate some grass. But after eating, he was drowsy, so he slept.

The tortoise kept moving continuously, and he moved ahead of the rabbit. He was about to cross the finish line when the rabbit woke up. But it was too late, and ultimately, the tortoise won the race.

Moral – Slow and steady wins the race. Also read, The Golden Egg Story.

In many stories, the rabbit is often called as Hare. Here are few questions one should read aloud to their children.

What is the moral lesson in the Hare and the tortoise story?

The hare and the tortoise has a moral lesson that should be understood by all. It teaches that we should keep doing any work to get success. A continuous dedication though it is slow, will help us win.