Cinderella Story For Kids

Cinderella is famous fairy tale of a young girl who gets real happiness in the end. It is an amazing story for kids to read. Cinderella Story shouldn’t be missed whether you are young or old.

Once upon a time, there was a lovely young lady named Cinderella. She shared a home with her stepmother and two stepsisters. They forced her to work tirelessly for the entire day.

Cinderella desired to live as a princess, but she was never permitted to wear beautiful gowns. She was not fed properly either. Cinderella’s beauty was the source of this harsh attitude.


Her step-sisters were envious of her beauty and frequently mocked her shabby attire. Cinderella’s stepmother was also cruel, making her do household chores.

While Cinderella worked all day, her stepsisters spent their time dressing or eating. They would just sit at home and do nothing.

The palace sent an invitation letter one day. It has been revealed that the King has planned a ball party at which the Prince will select his wife. The ball party got the interest of all the maiden girls. Cinderella’s step sisters were also looking forward to the party.

“Mommy, I want the best gown so the Prince will choose me,” her stepsisters explained.

“Yes, indeed, darling. Prepare lovely gowns for the ball party,” Stepmother stated.

“But we don’t know how to sew,” the Stepsisters objected.

“Take Cinderella’s assistance, darling,” Stepmother said, and they all burst out laughing.

They added another burden to Cinderella by having her prepare their gowns. Meanwhile, Cinderella didn’t have time to make a gown for herself. She remained preoccupied with her work.

Cinderella was left at home while her stepsisters and stepsisters went to the ball party alone. She was upset but powerless to act.

“I wanted to go to the ball, but some dreams never come true,” Cinderella said as she entered her garden.

Cinderella saw the mother goddess when a magical light appeared. The fairy stood there with her wand in her hand and a smile on her face.

“Did you want to go to the ball, my dear?” The fairy inquired.

“Yes, I did want to. But it’s now impossible “Cinderella spoke up.

“My dear, anything is possible.” said the fairy. She waved her wand and transformed Cinderella’s plain white gown into a gorgeous blue gown. Her shoes were made of glass, and she wore a golden band in her hair.

“Oh my god, how can I?” Cinderella was taken aback by the magic. The fairy transformed a pumpkin into a carriage, which was drawn by four white horses.

“Remember to return before midnight,” the fairy said before disappearing. Cinderella went to the Ball party.

The prince did not like any of the girls in the palace. But, as Cinderella approached, he couldn’t take his gaze away from her.

When the Prince and Cinderella met, they both began to dance. Cinderella’s beauty drew the attention of every girl. Her stepsisters were present in the palace, but they couldn’t recognize Cinderella due to magic.

Everything was going well until the clock struck twelve.
“Dong, dong, dong,” the clock said.

Cinderella understood the fairy’s words. She dashed back home. Otherwise, everything will become real again, and the prince will not like her.

Her shoe, however, was left on the stairs while she was running. She did not return to take it, and the prince discovered it.

Cinderella was the prince’s true love, and he was determined to find her. He directed his soldiers to locate the girl by matching the shoe.

The soldiers visited every home in the kingdom, but the shoe did not fit. Then they arrived at Cinderella’s house, where her stepsisters attempted to fit their large feet into the glass shoe. But it didn’t work.

Cinderella was spotted in the house by one of the soldiers.

“Call the girl from inside; we need to check her feet as well,” Soldiers instructed.

“She did not attend the ball,” The stepmother was hesitant, but she had no choice but to agree.

Cinderella tried on the shoe, and her feet fit perfectly. Cinderella was recognized by the Prince when he arrived. He reclaimed his love.

A grand party was planned for the palace. Everyone witnessed the Prince and Cinderella’s marriage. She married him and they lived happily ever after.

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