Magical Pond- Bedtime Story for Kids

Children, you must have heard many jungle stories. But have you heard of the Magical Pond which is at the centre of the jungle? Let’s read its amazing story.

In the jungle of Gir, there was a big and beautiful pond. It was surrounded by trees from all sides. Animals like giraffes, elephants, rabbits, lions, tigers, foxes, etc used to come there. The pond was so clear that one could see its surface, standing on the side.

On one of the trees, there lived a squirrel named Lia. She was living there for a very long time and made a home on the tree branch.

Magical Pond

But one day, the lion King invited everyone from the jungle to a meeting. Lia too went there. They were all listening to the lion when a great thunderstorm came and lightning fell on the pond.


They were all scared and hid in the King’s cave until the weather got normal. When everything was fine, they went to the pond side to see the destruction. All the trees around the pond were destroyed, and it destroyed Lia’s home too.

Lia started crying but no one could help.

“See, the pond is not destroyed by the lightning and it’s shining more than before,” The king said to all the animals.

They observed the pond water as something magical could be sensed. But they didn’t think much about it and went home. It was night and everyone needed a good sleep but Lia was homeless.

“You can come to my home for the night until you get a new home,” The rabbit offered help.

“Thank you for your help, rabbit,” Lia thanked the rabbit. That night Lia stayed at her friend’s (in the rabbit’s) house.

The sun rose and Lia hardly woke up but she heard a noise from outside. Rabbit and Lia came out. The bear was telling something.

“What happened Bear?” The rabbit asked.

“That pond has become magical with the lightning. In the morning, I went there to drink water but my coin fell into the pond. Suddenly, an angel appeared and asked me to make a wish. I asked for one hat and with her magic, she gave me a new hat,” Bear said.

In no time, this news reached all animals in the forest. Everyone went to the pond with a coin and tried. The news was correct, the pond was magical. Some of them asked for cakes, chocolates, and different varieties of food from the pond angel. They were happy with the things that the angel gave them.

Lia too went there to make a wish. But she didn’t have any coins because her house was destroyed where she kept her money. Moreover, she didn’t want to take money from anyone in the jungle.

She took out a seed from her bag and threw it into the water. But the angel didn’t appear, making the squirrel in tears.

“Oh angel, if you hear me, please help me to get one home,” She cried but nothing happened. She had no option but to return to her friend’s home.

The next day, Lia came again to the pond and she was amazed. There was a giant tree with one home on a branch, growing at the side of the pond. She climbed up and went into the home, she was surprised to see.

“It’s like my previous home,” She exclaimed with happiness. All the animals were shocked. “How can a tree with a home grow in just one day,” They whispered.

“Her wish was to get one home,” The rabbit said.

Lia came out from her home and said, “I think the Pond’s angel fulfilled my wish. I didn’t have a coin but I threw a seed and she made my wish come true. Thank you, Angel, you gave me a home.”

Everyone was happy in the jungle again. Some of them asked for food from angels but Lia asked for a home. The angel was helpful and came as a blessing to the animals living in the jungle.