Seagull’s Flight- An Online Free Fairy Tale for Kids

Fairy Tale

Once a Seagull named Opto was sitting alone on a coastline. He was alone at that time as something was in his mind. But he had no one with whom he could talk.

The ocean had a tree line behind the coastline. From one of those trees, a fairy was observing Opto. With her super mind-reading power, she understood his problem.

“I should help this Seagull,” The fairy thought and made a decision. And she changed herself into a white pigeon. She flew towards the coastline and reached Opto.

“Hi, Seagull, Why do you look upset?” The fairy asked. She knew the reason for his sadness, but still, she inquired if Opto could confess his emotions.

“I have participated in Fish catching competition, but.” Opto paused.

“But what?” The fairy disguised as a pigeon asked.

“When I practiced catching the fish, I fell into the water. I can’t control myself while diving from the sky,” Opto said.

The fairy thought for a while, then said, “While diving, why don’t you contract your wings while making a dive during a flight.”

“Like an eagle and falcon?” Opto asked.

“Yes,” The fairy replied.

“But, no one has tried it in our flock. Is it possible?”  Opto was confused.

The fairy took a flight and asked Opto to follow her. They both flew high and dived into the ocean. As the pigeon glided, it gave Opto an idea, and he contracted his enormous wings that balanced him in gliding.

Seagull's Flight- An Online Free Fairy Tale for Kids

After the victorious speedy flight and safe dive, Opto said, “Thank you, pigeon. You helped me in learning.”

The pigeon spread its wings and smiled. The next day, the flock organized the competition. All the seagulls were catching fish normally, but Opto flew highest and took a beautiful dive. He caught fish without even touching his feet to the water.

Opto won the award because he not only gave the best enactment, but Opto tried something new that no one had tried in the flock. The fairy was looking at Opto from the tree. She smiled and changed into a pigeon again to help someone else.


That’s why it’s correctly said that one should never be scared of trying new things in life. Aren’t you inspired with Opto, Kids? Now, it’s time to learn Dinosaur Names with rhymes at one time.