The Letter Of Anna

In a small town, a family was living happily away from the city. The family comprises a father, a mother, and two young twins named, Anna and Irwin.

Anna and family

It was December, and snowfall was occurring. Kids were happy because Christmas was near. Anna was an innocent, silent, and kind girl, while, Irwin was a stubborn child.

In the morning, the father asked, “Anna, what are you writing with the crayon?”

“Daddy, I’m writing what I want as a Christmas gift. Then Santa will send it to me,” Anna answered.

Daddy looked at her writing, and he read A D O L L.


“Oh dear, you want a doll as a Christmas gift,” The father smiled.

Soon Irwin came out of the room and asked, “Where are my red woolen socks, mommy? ”

The mother answered, “Did you hang it in your room?” She went into the room to check.

Suddenly, Anna confessed something. Anna said, “I’m sorry, Irwin. I  forgot to tell you. There is a hole in our garden tree where a squirrel lives. It’s too cold so I kept woolen socks in the tree hole for the squirrel.”

“Why did you put my sock there?” Irwin yelled at Anna.

“Because it was cold outside, and I kept it for the squirrel to stay warm,” Anna said politely.

“Dad, I hung up my sock for Santa. So that he can put marbles there as a Christmas gift,” Irwin was angry at Anna.

“It’s okay, dear. I’ll get you a new sock from my room,” The father said and went into his room.

Anna and Irwin were sitting on the sofa when Irwin murmured, “Now, I’ll not get marbles from Santa.”

Anna heard this but didn’t say anything. However, she took another page and kept writing.

The next day was Christmas, and the family was sleeping at night. Irwin wakes up, and he is still angry with Anna. He walked to her bed and was curious to know what gift Anna had asked for from Santa.

The paper was under her pillow. Irwin pulled it to read. The written words on the paper were DOLL FOR ANNA, MARBLE FOR IRWIN.


Irwin smiled after seeing the letter. He was happy because his sister wanted a gift for him too. He then slept peacefully.

Morning occurred, and everyone was cheerful because it was Christmas. All of them hugged and wished each other a Merry Christmas.

They checked their socks, and Anna’s socks had marbles. But there was not a doll in any of them. Anna gave those marbles to Irwin as those were his gift from Santa. But she was sad.

“Don’t be sad, Anna. We will share these marbles,” Irwin shared. Both of them were very happy.

“Anna!” The mother called, and both of them moved. “See, there is something behind the sofa. I think Santa left your gift there,” The mother said.

Anna was excited, and she opened the gift.

“Wow, a doll from Santa.” She finally got her gift from Santa.

“Irwin, we will share this doll too,” Anna offered to play with her. Irwin accepted.

Did you see Children? Christmas is not just about receiving gifts but sharing our gifts with others. Happiness rises when you share it with family. Merry Christmas!


Now, Answer these questions.

1) For whom Anna put the socks in the tree hole?

2) What did Irwin get as a Christmas gift?