Little Red Riding Hood Story

Little Red Riding Hood is a classic children’s bedtime story. It’s a short story, but it contains a valuable lesson for people of all ages. If you want to teach your children a moral lesson, this is the best option. Children typically avoid learning because they do not understand it, but stories help to develop their minds. They learn about the world and how to act through stories.

Once there was a town where all the people lived happily. And there lived the prettiest girl who loved to travel in the town and forest. That girl was Little Red Riding Hood because she used to wear a red cloak with a Hood.

The girl lived with her mother. But she also had a grandmother who lived on the outer edge of the jungle. Her grandmother loved her the most and told her many stories. She also taught her moral lessons like we should not trust strangers.

Once the grandmother has fallen ill. The mother called Little Red Riding Hood and said, “Dear, take this food basket to your grandma’s home. She has been ill since yesterday.”

“Okay! Mother, I’ll take this to her,” Little Red Riding Hood answered.

She made her way through the forest as she was aware of all the paths. But from the bushes, a sly wolf noticed her. He was hungry and growled from the bushes.

Little Red Riding Hood heard the noise, and she turned.

“Where are you going little girl?” The wolf asked.

“I’m going to my grandma’s home. She is ill,” Little Red Riding Hood answered.

“Where does she live?” The wolf asked.

“She lives on the outer edge of the jungle,” Little Red Riding Hood said. But she made a mistake. Her grandmother taught her never to reveal anything to strangers. She blindly trusted the wolf without knowing his intention.

The wolf thought to eat the grandmother first and then the little girl. Now, he knew the path told by our little girl. He ran and reached grandma’s home. Grandma was resting on the bed when the wolf entered. Without wasting any time, he swallowed grandma.

“I should lay on the bed to fool the little girl,” The wolf thought and wore grandma’s spectacles, dress, etc.

Little Red Riding Hood reached grandma’s home, and she entered with the food basket.

“Grandma, I’m here, and I brought you food sent by mother,” She said.

“Okay, my dear child. Come here,” The wolf said in a fake grandma’s voice.

“Grandma, your eyes look so big,” She said.

“Yes! baby, so that I can see you,” The wolf said.

She also noticed the big ears, eyes, teeth and nails. Suddenly, the wolf hopped and jumped to eat the girl. He was about to swallow her whole, but the girl started crying for help.

A huntsman was moving outside the hut, and he heard the cry. He dashed to the hut and saw the wolf literally eating Little Red Riding Hood. The huntsman drew his axe and struck the wolf. The girl was saved.

“He must have eaten my grandma,” The girl told the huntsman.

The huntsman turned the wolf and opened his mouth. Grandma came out safely. Then the huntsman was about to kill the wolf but it ran. The huntsman chased the wolf until it escaped the forest and the city. The wolf was never seen again, and Little Red Riding Hood thanked the huntsman for his help. She also apologized to grandma for trusting the sly wolf.

Little Red Riding Hood made a promise to herself that she would never reveal anything to strangers.


What is the moral lesson in Little Red Riding Hood Story?

The story has a moral lesson for all children we shouldn’t trust strangers. Kids need to be saved as no one knows the intentions of strangers. Little Red Riding Hood revealed her grandma to the sly wolf and then faced the danger. Children should learn this lesson from the story.

Teach more such Manners to your children.

What is the purpose of the Little Red Riding Hood Story?

The story has a purpose to make all the parents and children aware. It teaches that one should not trust strangers, especially children. The other person may have bad intentions, and that’s the reason we shouldn’t talk or take things from strangers. Parents should tell this story to their children to make them aware of the outside world.

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