Goldilocks and the Three Bears Story For Kids

It is a traditional children’s bedtime story with a decent moral lesson. It teaches all the children the importance of privacy and that even when something seems appropriate to us, we should never invade another person’s privacy. Let’s begin the story pretty quickly.

There once was a young child named Goldilocks who lived with her grandmother. She loved to travel and had yellow-colored hair. A large forest was located behind her house. However, she never traveled deep into the jungle.

Do you remember what was in that forest, kids? A bear family with a big daddy bear, a mother bear, and a baby bear lived in the deep forest. They lived in a hut there. Goldilocks was playing one day when she had the idea of going for a walk in the forest.

The bear family had prepared porridge for them, but it was too hot to eat.

“We should walk out until the porridge gets cold enough to eat,” Mama bear suggested. The family left, leaving their house open.

When Goldilocks arrived at their house, the door was open. She came in hungry.

“Three bowls of porridge,” Goldilocks pondered, “which shall I eat?”

She began by eating from the largest bowl. The bowl belonged to Daddy Bear, but it was too hot.

She then took one spoonful of porridge from the middle bowl and ate it. That was Mama Bear’s bowl, but it was too cold for her.

Finally, Goldilocks attempted the third smallest bowl, which belonged to the baby bear. She emptied the entire bowl because it felt right to her.

Goldilocks was tired, and she entered the living room. There were three chairs. She sat on the biggest chair that was of daddy bear, but it was not comfortable. Then she sat on the middle chair that was of mama bear, but it was too soft. Finally, Goldilocks sat on the third chair that belonged to the baby bear. It felt her right but when she sat, the chair broke.

When Goldilocks went upstairs, she discovered three beds.
The largest bed belonged to a Daddy bear, the middle bed belonged to a Mama bear, and the smallest bed belonged to a Baby bear. The largest bed was too hard, the middle bed was too soft, and Goldilocks finally settled on the smallest bed because it felt just right.

Meanwhile, the bear family returned. They noticed that their porridge was eaten. Then they noticed the broken chair of the baby bear. At last, they went upstairs and noticed someone sleeping on their beds.

The baby bear said, “Someone has slept on my bed.”

All the bears get angry, and they tried to attack Goldilocks for entering their property. However, she woke up and ran. She ran at her fastest speed and didn’t stop until she reached her home out of the forest.

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What is the moral of Goldilocks and the Three Bears for kids?
The story Goldilocks and the three bears have a moral message for kids. It teaches that one shouldn’t intervene in someone’s privacy or enter into someone’s property even though it seems right. Goldilocks thought that the porridge, the chair and the bed were right for her, but it was not right in a manner.

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What is the purpose of the Goldilocks story?
The story teaches all children to respect someone’s privacy and never let their likes or actions hurt them. One should always ask permission before entering someone’s property.

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