List of Dinosaur Names and Pictures For Kids – 10 Cute Dinosaurs

Water Dinosaur Names

This article has a comprehensive list of dinosaur names and pictures for kids. Aquatic animals often attract children, but thousands of years ago, more dangerous water dinosaurs were haunting the water bodies. They were larger than any shark or whale. We can also refer to those water dinosaurs as aquatic monsters. Here are a few water dinosaur names listed below. These dinosaurs would often swim to hunt and eat larger aquatic animals like sharks.

Mosasaurus Image from Wikipedia
  • Spinosaurus
  • Shastasaurus
  • Mosasaurus
  • Plesiosaurus
  • Nothosaurus

Dinosaur Names for Kids

To understand dinosaurs, we can categorize them according to their structure, diet, size and place of living.

Dinosaur Names for Kids

Theropods. These are the wildest and most aggressive dinosaurs who loved to eat meat. They are moderate in size and have powerful legs but very short hands with sharp nails. Various dinosaurs fall into this category including the king, T-Rex. Learn about Tyrannosaurus in rhyme.


Other dinosaurs in this group are-

Cerapods. This category of dinosaurs is characterized by three horns on the forehead. Further, they had a strong bodies and walked on four legs. Some of the dinosaurs in this list are Triceratops and Styracosaurus.


Sauropods. This category has the biggest body with the longest necks and tails. They walked on four legs and ate ferns. Some of the dinosaurs in this list are Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus, Apatosaurus and Jobaria.

Diplodocus drawing

Few more Dinosaur Names

How to teach Dinosaur Names to Kids

Dinosaur pictures might be attractive and charismatic for kids but their names are often difficult to remember. If you want to teach dinosaur names to your kids, here are a few tips you can execute for better learning.

Focus on Pictures

To remember a dinosaur, children must understand their features and differences. It is possible with a picture description of dinosaurs. Whenever you are teaching dinosaur names, show pictures to kids because they can imagine them in their minds.

Create A Story

Children’s futures are shaped by stories, which are also more effective learning tools. For instance, because everyone is familiar with the term Tyrannosaurus from movies or cartoons, it is frequently referred to as the King of the dinosaurs. Making a story and explaining its events to kids will help the story stick in their minds.

Describe Features

Every dinosaur has distinctive characteristics, such as the Triceratops’ three horns on top of its head. Emphasize teaching kids about those traits.

Use Rhymes

Use rhymes in your lessons to make learning fun and interesting. Children adore rhymes, so when they discover the names of the dinosaurs and the fascinating story written in rhyming verse, they repeat it again and over again. That is how learning can be enjoyable.

We have collected all such features in a poetic style. Learn Dinosaur Names for Kids

Cute Dinosaurs

Cute dinosaurs are a popular subject of interest among many children and adults alike. Despite the fearsome and ferocious reputation that dinosaurs are often associated with, there are plenty of adorable and charming species that existed during the prehistoric era. From the playful and friendly-looking stegosaurus to the tiny and adorable Microraptor, cute dinosaurs come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the most famous cute dinosaurs include the triceratops, which has a distinctive frill and three horns on its head, and the ankylosaurus, which has a heavily armored body and a club-like tail. Overall, cute dinosaurs offer a fascinating glimpse into the rich and diverse world of prehistoric creatures.

List of Cute Dinosaurs

Here are some examples of cute dinosaurs:

  1. Stegosaurus – with its distinctive plates on its back and playful appearance, Stegosaurus is a fan-favorite among many dinosaur enthusiasts.
  2. Triceratops – known for its three horns and frill, Triceratops has a friendly and approachable look.
  3. Ankylosaurus – with its heavily armored body and club-like tail, Ankylosaurus may not seem like an obvious choice for cuteness, but its unique features make it an endearing dinosaur.
  4. Microraptor – as its name suggests, Microraptor was a small dinosaur, and its bird-like appearance makes it one of the most adorable dinosaurs.
  5. Parasaurolophus – with its long crest on its head, Parasaurolophus is a cute and unique dinosaur that is often featured in movies and TV shows.