Words to Say- 5 Good Manners For Kids

Here are some good manners for kids in everyday life. These are basic manners that all children should learn at an early age. Kids love rhymes, if your kid recites these rhyme poems, he or she will learn these common words such as greetings, please, thank you, sorry, excuse me, and goodbye.

Good Manners For Kids

Here are some words to use,
To grow you better and induce,
Whenever someone helps you,
Say! thank you for a clear view.

Good Manners For Kids

The next word is for a fault,
We should accept with thought,
It helps us to make the situation fine,
Saying sorry turns the issue decline.

If you have to interrupt,
But you don’t want to seem corrupt,
Just say excuse me and see,
It wouldn’t be rude, that’s a guarantee.

Whenever you have the wish to do,
But it involves others in the queue,
Either you are in a hurry or late,
Say, please, and that’s great.

Whether you are ‘He’ Or She,
You should meet others with glee,
Your greetings must be bright,
Say hello to all with all delight.

It’s hard when someone departs,
But hold love inside your heart,
Wish them the best, with a sweet,
Say Goodbye and promise to meet.