The Monkey and the Crocodile Story – Fun And Moral

The Monkey and the Crocodile

In childhood, we get inspired by children’s stories and make friends. However, some friends are good and loyal, but few cheat us. The monkey and the crocodile story is a moral lesson and inspiring tale of an intelligent monkey and a foolish crocodile. Kids, let’s start the story and learn the beautiful lifelong values.

The Story

In a jungle, there was a riverbank where an intelligent monkey lived. The monkey was calm and always used his quick intelligence. The tree had juicy and tasty berries that he ate happily living there.

One day, a crocodile reached the river bank. He was finding something to eat and got tired. When he saw the branch, he observed the monkey eating those juicy berries.

“Can I get some, I’m hungry and tired,” The crocodile requested.

The monkey was kind, and he offered berries to the crocodile.

“These are so tasty and juicy,” The crocodile responded.

“Indeed, this tree has the tastiest berries. I eat them every day,” The monkey said. They both talked for some time, and then the crocodile returned.

The next day, the crocodile came to the tree, and the monkey shared berries. Their friendship was growing, and the crocodile told him about his residence on the other side of the river.

“I live with my wife on the other side of the river,” The crocodile said.

“Take some berries for her too. She will love it,” The monkey suggested.

In the evening, the crocodile reached his home and offered those berries to his wife. The lady crocodile loved it, but she was greedy.

“If these berries are so juicy and tasty, just imagine the monkey taste who eat these daily,” His wife suggested.

“What do you mean?” The crocodile asked.

“Bring that monkey here. I want to eat his juicy heart,” his wife ordered.

“But he is my friend. I can’t cheat him,” The crocodile said.

“You have to do it, or you will suffer,” His wife said.

The crocodile had no option but to obey his wife. The next morning, he reached the river bank.

“Hey, monkey. My wife loved those juicy berries. And she has invited you to lunch,” The crocodile said.

“Yes, I would love to come,” The monkey answered. He sat on the crocodile’s back to reach his home.

When they reached the center, the crocodile couldn’t hide the truth anymore.

“I’m sorry monkey. But my wife wants to eat your heart,” The crocodile said.

The monkey felt cheated, but he stayed calm.

“It’s alright, but you should have told me this earlier. I didn’t bring my heart, and it is on the tree,” The monkey used wit.

“What should we do now?” The crocodile was confused.

“We should return to the tree, and I’ll carry my heart,” The monkey said. The crocodile was a fool and agreed.

When they reached the tree, the monkey jumped and climbed onto the tree.

“You are a foolish cheater. How can one put out his heart, you fool! I lied to you because you cheated on me. Tell your wife that she will never get my heart,” The monkey laughed and remained on the tree.

The foolish crocodile had no option but to return with empty hands.

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What is the moral of the monkey and the crocodile?

The monkey and the crocodile story has a moral lesson of quick intelligence. The monkey was smart and remained calm in the moment of trouble. When the crocodile revealed his wife’s plan to eat the monkey’s heart, the monkey informed the foolish crocodile that he forgot his heart back at the tree. When they reached the tree, the monkey climbed and got saved.

Moreover, the story teaches that we should make friends who are loyal and trustworthy. The crocodile was a fool, he cheated on the monkey for his wife. If the crocodile took a stand for the monkey, he would never lose a good friend. Also read, The Cap seller and the Monkeys.

What should children learn from the monkey and the crocodile story?

Children should take away three major lessons from the tale of the monkey and the crocodile.

  • First, they should be kind to others as the monkey was kind and offered berries to the hungry crocodile.
  • Secondly, children should learn to stand up for their friends. The crocodile didn’t take a stand against his wife when she demanded the monkey’s heart. If he supported the monkey, against his wife, he would never lose a friend. Kids, you must take a stand for your friend.
  • Thirdly, always be calm and use intelligence to come out of trouble. The monkey used his intelligence and told the crocodile that his heart was at the tree. When they returned, he climbed the tree and got saved.

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