The Ant and the Dove Story – Inspiring and Moral for Kids

The Ant and the Dove Story

Kids! Have you heard the story of the ant and the dove? It’s an inspirational story that teaches a moral lesson. In our lives, we make friends, and we always help our friends. But this story is exceptional; let’s begin the story and understand what’s unique in the story.

The Story

On a hot summer day, an ant was walking in search of water. She was tired after doing the hard work of collecting food.

“The day is tiring and hot. I should drink water, or I will fall ill,” The ant thought. She saw the river at a distance and reached the side.

The ant couldn’t enter the river because of its flow. Therefore, she walked on a lengthy grass reaching into the river. But unfortunately, the wind shook the grass, and she fell into the river.

“Help me, help me, I’m in the river,” The ant cried for help.

Luckily, a dove was sitting on a nearby tree, and he noticed the ant.

“The ant has fallen into the river flow. I must save the little stranger,” The dove thought. In a few seconds, the dove plucked a leaf from the branch and dropped it before the ant.

The ant grabbed the leaf and climbed on it.

“I’ll not drown now,” The ant felt relieved and thanked the dove, ”Thank you for saving me from drowning.”

The leaf safely reached the shore. That day, the ant and the dove became friends.

After a few weeks, the ant was collecting food when she saw a hunter.

The hunter was pointing a gun towards the dove. “This dove is beautiful, I should get it anyhow.”

“I should help the dove,” The ant thought and ran. She climbed on his shoe and bit his feet. He started crying, and the gun dropped from his hand.

The dove heard the sound and understood Hunter’s motive. He flew away in the open sky and was saved.

What is the moral of the ant and the dove story?

The ant and the dove story teaches a moral lesson about helping others. The dove helped the ant when she was drowning in the river. In the same way, the ant helped back when the hunter was about to shoot the dove. It is a moral message for all of us to help others. Also read, The Ant and the Grasshopper.

What should children learn from the ant and the dove story?

In starting, we discussed that the ant and the dove story is unique from other stories. In other stories, some friends help each other. But in this story, the ant and the dove are completely strangers, but they help each other and become friends.

Children should learn to help others even if the other person is a stranger. When we all help each other like a friend or family member, the world becomes a better place. As we popularly believe in Vasudev Kutumbakam, meaning “The World is a family”.

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