The Milkmaid and Her Pail Story – Fun And Moral

The Milkmaid and Her Pail is a fantastic story with moral lessons. If you love daydreaming, you should read this story and understand the beautiful learning. It focuses on working and doing action in real rather than thinking about the results.

The Milkmaid and Her Pail Story

In a village, a milkmaid was living. She had a farm, a few cows and two hens. Every day, she would milk the Cows, and fill the pail to the top.

One morning, the milkmaid took the fresh milk in her pail and hurried to the market. She kept the bucket on her head and started walking. But she had a habit of daydreaming like most of us.

On the way, she imagined, “I’ll get money after selling the milk in the market. From that money, I would buy more hens, and I will get more eggs. Then, I’ll sell those eggs in the market and earn more.”

The milkmaid didn’t care that she had a pail on her head and kept daydreaming. Then she thought, “With more money, I would buy fancy dresses that will make me more beautiful. Every person will see me, but I’ll keep the focus on myself. Whenever they come to approach me, I’ll turn my head away.”

The milkmaid turned her head in real life, and as she did, the pail on her head fell. All the milk spilled on the grass, and her dreams shattered. She started crying, but it was irreversible, and she returned back to the farm with empty hands.

She promised herself that she would never daydream while working.

What is the moral of the milkmaid and her pail?

The milkmaid and her pail is a moral story that teaches a valuable lesson. The milkmaid was a daydreamer, and she would daydream success before achieving it. That’s why it’s said to avoid counting chickens before hatching.

What is the summary of the milkmaid and her pail?

A milkmaid daydreams about getting money by selling milk. She imagines how she will achieve everything, but the pail on her head falls, and it also shatters her dream of getting successful.

What should children learn from the milkmaid and her pail story?

Daydreaming is not a bad habit. It is said that one must have a dream to work on it and make it a reality. But one should be aware of where and how much daydreaming is good. When you are working, you should focus on the work and not the results.

As Krishna in Bhagavad Gita says, “We have the right to do Karma (action) but no right over the Phal (fruits of action).

The milkmaid focused on the fruit of action but ignored the focus on action. Children should focus on action and not the fruit of action.

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