MySchool Essay For Students and Children- 500+ Words

My School Essay in English

School is the best place of learning. It’s often said to be the Temple of education where knowledge makes us educated. Our journey of school starts from kindergarten, and it shapes us into separating from others. In this essay, I’ll tell how the school helped me with knowledge and shaped me as a better person.

500 Words Essay on My School

Knowledge plays a vital role in building discipline and educating humans. School helps in obtaining knowledge from the very beginning. With education, we can make this world a better place of learning, and schools are the core structure for that vision.

One of the most attractive attributes of my school is its architecture. It is a four-floor building with dozens of classrooms on every floor. The playground is large where the noise of students is in abundance while the most silent place is the library. On every floor, there is a staff room where teachers work. My school has strict rules and discipline to bring ethics to children from a young age. The garden has many trees and flowering plants that add beauty to the architecture. I like the garden side where many rabbits are kept in a cage. I feed those rabbits some dried leaves every day in recess. Overall, my school is equipped with modern infrastructure and exquisite beauty.

My school is my second home where I’ve studied since kindergarten. Though I was very young in that grade, I still remember how good friends I made. The learning, discipline, and joy of friendship enhanced my personality. I celebrated birthdays with my friends, and those are my most beautiful memories. In school, the relationship with friends is heartwarming and close because we stay together every day. Sharing our joys and sorrows with them brings us closer and we become a family.

Teachers in school are like craftsmen who mold the students’ future like clay. They have the potential of either crafting them as disciplined or impolite. My teachers are best both in teaching and out of the studies. They taught very well, further teachers in school are like our parents. They care for us and want the best for us. Whenever I didn’t score well in studies due to certain personal reasons, I discussed it with them in the staff room. They listened to me, and their advice helped me to emerge successively from my downfall. They are supportive throughout school life and treat every student equally.

My school has various extracurricular activities such as Judo Karate, skating, dancing, music, and so on. It also arranges picnics & various competitions of debate, speech, essay competition, drawing competition, and the most joyous of all, sports day. On Sports day, no student has ever missed school. It was the most awaited occasion for all the students. My school organizes many activities on sports day such as cricket, Kabaddi, drawing, 100m race, hurdle race, etc. Winners get exciting prizes and certificates but the most exciting achievement was the fun which we had together.

Upon questioning what my school has taught me, I am often lost for words. It can’t be described in words. It helped me by giving me knowledge. Moreover, extracurricular activities taught me teamwork, ethics, discipline, and politeness. It’s the school that settles us to live in a society with quality learning and discipline.

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