Brush Your Teeth Poem For Kids 2023

Brush Your Teeth Poem For Kids

And when you smile in grace,
Whether you wear a brace.
Your teeth must shine,
For this, do things that are fine.

First, you do brush twice a day,
Keep your teeth clean as we say.
Don’t eat chocolate or sugary things,
Germs attack that sugar brings.

Properly brush on the sides,
Upside down, wherever germs reside.
Don’t forget to clean your tongue,
It’s needed when you are young.

Brush your teeth poem

Flossing cleans the inner lane,
It moves out germs, and food remains.
Mouthwash is the last part,
It invites health and keeps germs apart.

In six months, visit for a dental check,
Say Yes to it with a nod of the neck.
It will keep your teeth healthy & fine,
And every day, your smile will shine.