My Best Friend Essay – 500+ Words Essay For Students

Friendship is the most beautiful relationship which we get by our choices. A best friend will always push you to do better in life, and with the passing years, our friendship becomes better. This article has 500+ words on My Best Friend Essay in English. Students and children can read this essay and imagine how their best friends are.

My Best Friend Essay in English

In our lives, we get acquainted with many people who become our friends. But we only get attached to one whom we call best friend. A best friend is a true blessing that helps us to grow in our lives. We never do friendship by planning but when it’s our heart that makes friendship. 

For a very long time, my best friend has been there for me always. Her name is Sri. Since the first day of school, we have known each other. Because I had just been admitted, I still recall how terrified I was on my first day of class. Sri, however, has been attending the school since the nursery level. Sri was already sitting there when I walked into the classroom, and we exchanged smiles. We later became friends after she approached me to talk.

Our Friendship

Best friends always help each other in every difficult situation. They never ask anything in return and encourage each other in all possible situations. Sri and I used to sit together in school and many times we prepared for the examination together. We visited each other’s homes for birthday parties and sometimes for homework. Whenever I got ill and couldn’t attend classes, Sri helped me by sharing notes. She encouraged me in my toughest time and never demanded something in return. I never thought that I would get such a helpful friend in my life, she is phenomenal and has many qualities too. 

Qualities in a Best Friend

My best friend is one of the brightest students who is good in academics. But what I like most is her kindness. She always helps other people, and once I asked why she helped others and asked nothing in return. Sri gave me a beautiful answer saying that helping others gives her happiness and peace. This quality of Sri influenced me also. She is empathetic and never makes fun of anyone. We used to roam in our school playground during the interval when we daily fed dried leaves to rabbits. I learned how helping someone gives a feeling of bliss. 

Sri always raises her voice against injustice when a bully troubles anyone. When I was newly admitted to the school, one of the boys bullied me. When Sri found out about him, she helped me. Moreover, she was elected as the class Representative because of her bravery and smartness.

Whenever we are upset, we need someone to talk to. One, who can understand us and encourage us. Best friends play the best role in encouraging us. They listen to us until we completely pour out our emotions then encourage us with their advice. Sri And I always listened to each other, encouraged in tough times, and helped each other whenever needed. 

One of the finest qualities of a best friend is that they never get jealous of our achievements. Instead, they are the ones who are happiest. We will have many friends who will clap in the audience when we become successful, but our best friend is the only person who helps us to reach success. Sri is the one in my life.


Sri and I have been best friends for ten long years now. We supported each other, and I loved her company since childhood. After school, our paths were different, but we still get united on weekends. Every meeting brings a smile to our faces when we see each other.