7 Reasons Why Reading Is Important For Kids

This is a blog where words are used to communicate, educate and engage with the audience. You may read this because at an early age you learned and understood the value of reading. But reading is not limited to deciphering a language or meaning. There are several benefits of reading to your child. Here, we will discuss the major effects of reading on child development, and 7 reasons of why reading is important for kids in the early years.

7 Reasons Why Reading Is Important For Kids

Reading helps in a child’s development and brings success in school, college, work, and in real life. Many times we are asked about a hobby where we fill traveling, cooking, etc. After reading this blog, you will write reading as a hobby in your forms because you will understand its value and learn the steps to build a reading habit.

Benefits of Reading for Kids

Reading helps in the development and there are certain benefits of it. Let’s know them in detail.

Helps in Cognitive Development

Children are innocent souls who are unaware of things around the world. Reading stories helps children in their thought process, they start thinking and understanding. At an early age, children start analyzing things around them and abilities like problem-solving, critical thinking, reasoning, etc will develop in them.

Whatever stories children listen to at a young age, will stay in their minds. Make sure you choose moral stories which will teach them kindness, love, empathy, hope, etc.

Helps in Imagination

Imagination plays an important role, not only for kids but for the whole human race. Every invention was once an idea and every idea was once an imagination.

When a child reads stories, that opens up their minds because they lose themselves in imagining the characters or places that have been said in the story. Simply, they can imagine anything and their minds are developed.

Helps in Vocabulary

The most significant approach towards reading is that reading helps with vocabulary. From reading to stories, poems, etc, kids get acquainted with new words and after knowing their meaning, their vocabulary is improved.

If you want your child to be phenomenal, vocabulary is important in today’s generation.

Helps in Writing Skills – (Best Benefit of Reading)

Reading is a door that leads to different paths of success. If you opened that door once, and realised the value of reading, you will have command over everything. Writing is one of the biggest paths to success.

After understanding, imagination, and vocabulary, writing plays an important role. Children will learn to write answers in their academics, and in writing stories, and they can engage with their audience.

Helps in Emotional Development

Empathy plays an important role in human livelihood. Empathy is the ability to understand the feeling of another. When a person understands the feelings of others (such as grief or pain), the person can work to heal them. This will help in making a better society where people will be peaceful with each other.

The development of empathy in adults is mandatory too. As one reads a story, the person will understand the characters in the story, their background, and their mindsets, thus empathy is developed naturally by reading.

Perfect Source of Entertainment

Nowadays, people are addicted to the reels in mobile phones which has a negative impact. But entertainment is required because one gets bored with a monotonous life and duties. If you want your child to get better entertainment, reading will be the best.

Reading brings entertainment to children because they enjoy reading stories or poems. Moreover, reading is a healthy addiction that will keep developing your child’s mind. It will protect them from screens where today’s generation is captured.

Overall Development

As a child reads daily, confidence will come up and the child will view the world with a perfect view. They will be more empathetic and bonds of love will develop in children and parents. They will get certain morals like kindness, love, perseverance, etc.

Now, you understand the importance of reading in a child’s life. But there must be a curiosity, how can we build a habit of reading in them, here is your answer.


How to Build the Habit of Reading in Young Kids

Reading will help your child in overall development at an early age but you must know how to embed that habit in your child. Here is the most impactful and easy approach. Follow these steps to build a reading habit in your kids.

How to build the habit of reading in young kids?

Start Reading at an Early Age

When your child is a toddler, don’t let them watch over the screen. Instead, spend time with them and tell them stories. Storytelling at an early age will help your child to get a habit of reading and listening.

Remember, those stories will stay with them forever, so choose the best moral stories that they will learn.

What to Read

Children often get bored because, at an early age, they may start reading but don’t get excited. The best solution to giving them excitement and learning in reading is by choosing-

Rhyme Stories

Stories that rhyme to keep the child reading more and more. Make sure you choose an easy-to-understand story that rhymes.

Rhyme Poems

As stories are long, you may start with poems. Rhymes in poems will give them fun in reading. Also, there can be a narrative (story) too in poems. Here is a sample.

Learn & Fun

If you want to teach your kids about manners, moral values, dinosaur names, etc, you can choose rhyme poems. They will help them in learning and understand in a fun manner. This will be the best way for kids. The Hidden Squirrel provides this special sections for kids. Here you can help your child in learning different things and about surroundings through rhymes and poems. Click to check different topics on Learn & Fun.

Be An Example

If you want your child to read stories, make sure you start it first. Children will imitate their parents and that habit will be developed in them. Sit with your kids and read rhyme poems or stories of learning.


In conclusion we have understood that reading is important for kids in different ways. Moreover, we discussed how we can build the habit of reading at an early age. Starting with rhyme poems or stories, your child will be excited and keep enrolled in reading. Choose the perfect moral stories, either popular or customized stories that has decided genre in their particular categories.

Thank you for reading!


Q. Why is reading so important for a child?

A. Reading helps in the cognitive, imagination, vocabulary, and overall development of a child. When a child starts reading at an early age, the thought process and understanding improve, moreover, the child will develop writing skills.

Q. What are the 5 benefits of reading?

A. Reading is a healing mindset when it becomes a habit. It has certain benefits such as emotional development, improved thought process, a better understanding of the world, vocabulary, and healthy entertainment.

Q. How does reading impact a child?

A. Reading helps a child in imagination. When children read a story, they imagine characters and places in the story. It helps with imagination and ideas which are important to create (or inventing) something new.

Q. How to build a reading habit in children?

A. Reading is a healthy habit which should be started at an early age. But one needs to choose the perfect stories or poems for it. To build a reading habit in children, pick rhyme poems at an early phase. It will be easy to read and learn. Sit with them and read stories.