Environment is My Home- Kids Story

“Environment is My Home- Kids Story” is a children story where kids will learn that we should keep our surroundings clean as we clean our homes. Environment is the home for all as it provides everything, either free oxygen or food to eat. We must keep it clean and healthy. It is a popular saying by M.K. Gandhi, “The Earth has enough resources for our need but not for our greed.” Keeping that in view, let’s start the story.


On Sunday morning, five years old Sam heard a knock on his door. His Mommy was ready to take him to an amusement park where he wanted to go.

He started jumping on the bed happily and rushed to the bathroom to get ready.

On Sunday, the family used to visit restaurants or to friends’ home but this time, Sam’s father wanted to witness Sam’s smile. That’s why he agreed to take him in the amusement park. At 10 AM, the family came out of the house but the car was not turning on.

Every time the key was twirled and it went off with noise. The plan was about to be canceled when Sam’s mother said,” We can go by bus, it will be better.”

Sam,” But it’s not hygienic, there is usually so much dirt in buses.”

Mother, “Oh come on sweetie, you will love it.”

Sam’s mother didn’t want the plan to cancel because it would make Sam upset.

They arrived at the nearest bus station and waited for the bus to come. After five minutes, the bus finally came and Sam’s father helped Sam on the steps.

The seats were vacant at the front, Sam hurriedly reached a seat where a girl of his age was already sitting.

His parents settled on the seats in another row and started talking.

Sam wanted to take the window seat so he asked the girl, “Will you exchange your seat with me?”

The girl smiled but didn’t accept the offer. Sam took out a packet of chocolate from his pocket and started eating. After a while, he threw the wrapper on the floor of the bus.

The girl stood and took the wrapper. She placed it in the dustpan in the corner. Sam was amused. He asked, “You need not have to clean it, the bus staff would do that. It’s their job.”

The girl was silent but suddenly asked, “If you throw garbage in your home, who will clean it?”

He answered, ” My mom or sometimes me.”

One hour passed but there was silence after that. When the destination came, the family moved out. From outside, Sam was looking at the girl sitting in the window seat.

The girl smiled and said, “This bus is my home.”

Sam was lost in his thoughts as he learned something.

Next Sunday, Sam knocked on the door of his parents. They were asleep and his mommy came out. She saw Sam wearing a green cap and holding a piece of paper as he wanted to go somewhere.

It was a banner of a movement with words on it, “Let’s join the movement to clean the world for a healthy life.”

His mommy smiled with tears and hugged him tightly. She was proud of her son. Sam understood that this world is the real home for everyone and one should clean the environment for a healthy living. When he met the girl, he didn’t realize that the bus was her home, but later he made a decision that we should keep everything clean like our homes. From that day, Sam loved the nature more than ever and treated it as his home. He worked with the movement and helped in cleaning, planting and growing more plants.


Had fun? Kids. Now it’s time to think how you should clean the earth. But before that, do you know how many continents are on Earth? Learn it with fun Continents Names.