My Mother Essay for Students 400+ Words

Essay on My Mother for Class 5-8 Students

The role of a mother in the family is like the thread joining all the flowers in a garland. She is the best and most precious gift from God. A mother sacrifices her life, her dreams, and her wishes for the family. From waking up in the morning to preparing breakfast, she puts her complete devotion. Even if a mother is working in corporate, she never misses showering her love on her children.

My mother is my inspiration because she is the epitome of love, kindness, compassion, and care. She was a teacher before marriage but left her job after my birth. I never went to tuition classes because my mother taught me at home. It was her efforts and teachings that made my academic score better.

Whenever someone asks me for help, the image of my mother inspires me. She never refuses to help anyone. Many times, our neighbors knocked at our door for help, and my mother never stepped back and always helped them in their hard times. I learned this quality from her that pushes me to become a better person.

In my family, my mother is the only one who keeps us attached to relatives. She doesn’t care only about me, dad, and my sister, but she cares for my grandmother and grandfather too. Her devotion and love for the family can’t be described in words as she never stopped caring for us.

I love my mother the most and can share anything with her. She listens to me like a friend and never judges me. Her advice is always best, and she always prays for my betterment. A mother is genuinely a blessing to us because no one can love you that much. My day starts with observing my mother’s smile, and after returning home, she is the only one I wish to see first. Her presence in our family makes our house of walls a home. When she is happy, it feels like nothing is troubling me because all problems resolve when my mother smiles.

My mother has taught me various things since childhood. Her teachings shape me into a better person. She taught me how kindness brings peace & satisfaction in life, and that one should not have jealousy. Her positive attitude brings positivity to home and I’ll always strive to keep her happy. She is not only a mother, she is my best friend, my best love, and my universe.

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