10 Aquatic Animals Names and Pictures for Kids

What are aquatic animals?

The term aquatic means water or deeply related to water. Any animal that lives in water is called an Aquatic animal. These are also called Sea animals or Water organisms. Here is a list of 10 aquatic animals for kids to learn and know about them. The rhyme will help kids in learning with fun. Pictures will help children in imagining the animal.

1) Goldfish


The Ocean and Sea often shine,
Goldfish is beautiful in design.

2) Dolphin


The happiest and brightest of all,
Dolphin is cutest, you must recall.

3) Turtle


He has the hardest shell on the back,
Turtle is polite and never attacks.

4) Starfish


Animals often make a wish,
Whenever they see starfish.

5) Crab


Walking on legs makes sounds from fists,
Everyone listens to Crab’s squish.

6) Octopus


Octopus has legs that extend,
At one time, he hugged eight friends.

7) Shark


In the deep, a creature lives in the dark,
He is strong, and we call him Shark.

8) Whale


The biggest of all is the Whale,
He loves to meet friends without fail.

9) Seal


Seals are brown, and they sit to wait,
Usually, clap to communicate.

10) Seahorse


If you want to pass the racing course,
Meet and train by the teacher Seahorse.

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