National Girl Child Day Poem- Poster & Slogans 2023

Save Girl Child Poem

It is a poem to create awareness for saving the girl child. It is a necessity to understand and value women in our lives. To save a girl child, one must spread the word and spread awareness. The poem titled, ‘Save Girl Child,’ is dedicated to all girls (sisters, mothers, wives, or friends). We thank the women in our lives.

Save girl child poster
Save girl child poster, slogans and poem.

Raise heads, being living in a modern world, 

But eyes do bend and lips curled, 

When we hear about a loss of life, 

Always that of a girl, and it’s crucial strife. 


She wants to live and smile,

But people suppress them as hostile. 

She wants to work and reach the sky, 

Having those invisible wings, she can fly.


She wants to learn to seek equality around, 

But her life is not her own, death-ground found. 

She wants to smile with an open heart, 

Her smile sighs bliss that happiness imparts. 


Give her life that is her right, 

Her presence fills the world with all delight.

Treat her equal as a son with all fairness, 

Save girl child, speak and spread awareness.


Save Girl Child Slogans


  • Girls are like a rainbow, you emit a white light of hope, and they will spread seven beautiful colors of love.
  • Save a girl child if you want to save a mom. If you didn’t get one, where did you come from?
  • Daughters are the blessings that God gave, With their presence on earth, humanity was saved.
  • Girls already have invisible wings to fly; they only need your support.
  • Give education to girls and save their lives, as they are also our sisters, mothers, and wives.

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