Best Rhyming Riddles For Kids

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Riddle 1: I jump whenever I have to walk, I stand to sit or at the time for talk. Answer: Kangaroo.


Riddle 2: I sleep during the day and fly at night, My color is black and my eyes are bright. Answer: Bat.

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Riddle 3: I have black stripes even during the day, I move opposite the alphabet, from Z to A. Answer: Zebra.

Riddle 4: I love the nuts and hide them in a tree, My tail is fluffy, and beautiful to see. Answer: Squirrel.

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Riddle 5: I had a story where I gave a golden egg, I honk without a horn and walk on two legs. Answer: Goose.

Riddle 6: I’m the word beginning with E, better? However, I only have one letter. Answer: Envelope.


Riddle 7: I’m a word having six total letters as explained, Remove one letter and still, twelve remained. Answer: Dozens.


Riddle 8: With me, seconds, minutes or centuries are made, But you can’t find me in days, years or decades. Answer: Letter N.


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