Riddles for kids

Woman Reading

Riddle 1: What five letters word becomes shorter, Adding two letters in it as supporters.


Answer: Short.

Riddle 2: I’m the word beginning with E, better? However, I only have one letter.

Man Reading

Answer: Envelope.

Riddle 3: I’m a word having six total letters as explained, Remove one letter and still, twelve remained.

Answer: Dozens.

Riddle 4: With me, seconds, minutes or centuries are made, But you can’t find me in days, years or decades.

Woman Reading 02

Answer: Letter N.

Riddle 5: This riddle has easy wordplay making it great, Tell how many letters are in the alphabet.


Answer: Total 11 letters in ‘the alphabet’.

Riddle 6: The rocket moves in the open sky without wings, Tell what’s the end of everything?


Answer: Letter G. (everythinG)

Riddle 7: You will see me as a train on your way, I’ll sound the same even after moving four letters away.


Answer: Queue.

Riddle 8: I’m a five-letter word that doesn’t move, One will remain even if you remove two.


Answer: Stone.