When talking to your crush, it's important to find common interests and  engage in conversations that help both of you get to know each other  better.

Hobbies and Interests: Ask about their hobbies and share yours. It's a great way to find common ground.

Movies and TV Shows: Discuss favorite films, recent shows you've watched, or movies you're excited to see.

Travel: Talk about places you've been to or places you'd like to visit. Share travel stories and dream destinations.

Music: Discuss favorite bands, artists, concerts, or genres of music. You can even share playlists.

Books: Share your favorite books or ask for recommendations. You can also discuss genres and authors you both enjoy.

Life Experiences: Talk about memorable moments, achievements, or challenges you've faced.

Funny Stories: Share humorous anecdotes from your life or ask about funny experiences they've had.

Movies and Pop Culture: Discuss upcoming movie releases, TV show episodes, or any recent pop culture events.

Food: Talk about favorite foods, restaurants, or recipes. Discuss any interesting culinary experiences.

Travel Experiences: Share interesting travel stories, mishaps, and favorite destinations.

Favorite Activities: Talk about activities you enjoy doing in your free time, whether it's hiking, painting, gaming, or something else.

Childhood Memories: Share fun and nostalgic stories from your childhood. This can help you bond over shared experiences.

Bucket List: Discuss things you both want to do in the future. It can be a fun way to learn about each other's adventurous sides.

Relationships: Discuss what you value in relationships, your approach to dating, or your thoughts on love and friendship.