Certainly, here are some topics you could consider discussing on a first date!

Hobbies and Interests: Share your hobbies and interests, and ask your date about theirs.

Travel: Discuss places you've been to or would like to visit.

Movies, TV Shows, and Books: Talk about your favorite films, TV series, or books.

Food and Dining: Discuss your favorite types of cuisine  or restaurants you enjoy. 

Work and Career Aspirations: Share what you do for a living and ask your date about their career.

Family: While you don't want to delve too deep into  personal matters, discussing family can give you a sense of each other's  backgrounds and values.

Passions: If you're both passionate about certain  causes, hobbies, or activities, discussing those can help you connect on  a deeper level.

Dreams and Goals: Ask about each other's aspirations and what you hope to achieve in the future.

Fun Experiences: Share stories of memorable or funny experiences from your past.

Current Events: Talk about recent news, pop culture, or events in your city.

Life Experiences: Share anecdotes from your life that have shaped you into who you are today.

Pets: If either of you have pets, discussing your furry friends can be a cute and engaging topic.

Outdoor Activities: If you both enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, biking, or picnicking, you could plan future outings.

Art and Creativity: Discuss your appreciation for art, music, or any creative pursuits.