Learn Dinosaur Names with graphics and Know them better


And the most famous among all, Tyrannosaurus had speed, and strength as a whole. They ate meat with their sharp teeth in their large jaw, Though their hands were small, enough was their claws.


This Dino is special a bit different from others, Having three horns on the skull, acted as eye cover. They ate herbs removing thorns with their tongue, Could battle with anyone as they were strong among.


A large plant-eating Dino, with the largest bony plates, The head was small but good, the studies state. Walking on four legs with a hind bit longer, The back with plates shielded as being stronger.


It walked on two legs, had two horns on its head, They had shorter arms, they ate meat instead. They were the fastest to hunt the prey, As built for speed and not strength, they say.


A long body on two legs, and a long jaw, Baryonyx often grabs fish with their claws. The thin skull and large claws on the thumb, To eat fish, they often visit water yummm.