Learn the Colour Names for Kids

Many times you have seen,

Every object has a color, which means,

You should know them without any fuss,

In this poem, let’s learn the Colors’ Names around us.

Red Rose

The first color is the head, which we call Red,

Rose has that color, Mommy said.


Have you eaten the oranges? Learn its name,

It is Orange in color too, that is the same.


The third color is Yellow, which is sweet,

Sunflowers have that color grown near the street.


Green is the color of nature, do notice it around you,

Observe plants around you, and don’t miss the new.

Blue sky

Look above; there is the beautiful Blue sky,

Bluebirds are also there that fly too high.


Indigo is the sixth color in the row,

Which was sowed on farms, and there it grows.


The seventh color is dark, known as Violet,

It looks good on all, whether as a sailor or pilot.


These were the seven colors that live in the rainbow,

Seeing these colors will make you happy and help you grow.